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Banks on PSN: No Mass Breach of Credit Card Information |

A lot of PlayStation Network users became furious, or even confused, when Sony, not long ago, said every PSN account was under the danger of being compromised. Now, however, major American banks have stated that they have no awareness of a mass breach of credit information. What this means is, there hasn’t been any suspicious mass credit card actions in the past couple days. I would still suggest keeping an eye on your bank statements, and maybe changing some passwords if you use the same password for everything.

It’s going to take Sony weeks, months, possibly years, to overcome this horrific event. I want to express to you guys the fact that this could have happened to any cooperation. I also believe these so-called hackers aren’t in it for the money. I, personally, think they are in it for the popularity. They want to be known as the hackers who brought down one of the most secure consoles, or so they say, the PlayStation 3. We, as ps3 gamers, should still have faith in Sony. Just because hackers currently have them in the worst of positions, I think we, as a gaming community, can wrestle this hacking bear, and just beat the living crap out of it.

We should expect PSN to resume by Tuesday at the latest. Assuming the network is 100% secure, of course.

No bears were harmed in the making of this blog post.

  • dave

    yes thats want I thank, they did this to become famous lol maybe in jail one day lol, they dont care about the ps3 user info. they did this to show off that we are one person can say lol lol lol look I or we did this yes we will be known as the hackers of Sony or whatever.

  • dave

    but like this comment says I would still keep an eye out on your bank statements etc… but I dont thank they can get a CC in your name since Sony didnt ask for you SSN when you first sign up, hacker have to have that to take your ID from you, your address your user name for ps3 your email is not going to work to take your ID from you.

  • dave

    but if you do or have used your CC on PSN just cancel all your CC that you used to buy things, that will take care of that, and then you dont have to worry and get up one day and see in your bank that their has been a charge of $6,000.00 in it etc…

  • Ali

    Glad To Hear, Is Been A long Week But Hey Ive Done Better Things instead Of Playing My Ps3 ,

  • anonymous

    the REAL reason they hacked PSN was to steal free stuff from the PSN store…even a chat log showing this…

    oh and I don’t have faith in SONY…if it wasn’t for them suing geohot this would have never happened.

    they hit the hornets nest thinking the hornets would be scared and stop stinging them once in a while…so hornets naturally got pissed and struck back as they would…because you can’t stop hornets/hackers from doing what they do and it’s stupid to try….SONY’s the reason this all happened…they’re dead to me…still love my PS3…just hate the company that made it :/

  • They want us to be scared and not to trust Sony anymore but we can show them by keeping out faith in Sony. Nice article btw

  • Recoil

    Nobody likes what happen to the PSN. But it could of happened to any major company that has a major flowing ie 77mil users, hackers will get into anything…. I have been a Sony fan since day one. Zfm12 is right don’t lose faith. Playstation is the %#£+ ( the bees knees ) lol. PSN do not charge anyone for the service, and that has brought people from all over the world together like a family through thick and thin. I am glad that the PSN will be back soon, I hope Sony keeps it a free service. Identity theft is becoming more real as the world becomes more digital. Keep that in mind, e-mails, lost phones, throwing out garbage mail you might get, all contributes to some one getting your identity. Playstation all the way. Ps x-box sucks.

  • dave

    Does people know that Homeland Security is now involved in the PSN hack? heres link;img;2, I dont know if this new news lol or old news, but its new to me. With Homeland Security in this now lol I thank the hacker or hackers or now in trouble, be very afraid hackers.

  • Funny since msnbc and the news say other wise. Where the source?

  • Also why would Sony say “To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports,”