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More PSN Q&A: Sony talks Trophies, PS3 MMOs and Possible Compensation |

Sony has released another addition of “questions and answers” post over at the official PlayStation blog to update users on the current situation of the its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.

I’d keep an eye on the official PlayStation Blog for more information about the PSN and Qriocity outage.

  • Q: Will our download history/friends list/settings be affected by the PSN downtime?
    • A: No, they will not.
  • Q: Will trophies that were earned in single-player offline games during the outage be intact when the service resumes?

    • A: These trophies are intact and will be re-synched when the network is once again operational.
  • Q: Will my PS+ cloud saves be retrievable?
    • A: Yes, once PSN is restored.

More Q&A after the jump!

  • Q: What if we have a subscription to PS3 MMOs DC Universe Online or Free Realms? Will we get compensation for that?

    • A: From Sony Online Entertainment: “We apologize for any inconvenience players may have experienced as a result of the recent service interruption. As a global leader in online gaming, SOE is committed to delivering stable and entertaining games for players of all ages. To thank players for their patience, we will be hosting special events across our game portfolio. We are also working on a “make good” plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms. Details will be available soon on the individual
  • Q: Will there be a goodwill gesture for the time we haven’t been able to utilize PSN/Qriocity?
    • A: We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.
  • They need revenue and FAST to make up for all the lost profits. Put everything game-wise on the PSN store at half off (PSN games, full games, DLC, minis and PSX), recover some lost profits and we all win.

  • Blue

    sony does not owe us anything it is free they did not do anything wrong they got hacked
    it can happen to any big company

  • @Blue: Oh, we know that… BUT after the service being down for so long AND our info got stolen AND maybe Credit Card numbers as well, they need to do some damage control to renew user confidence on the brand.

  • Xbox fanboys are having a field day with all this. They were mocking me at GS earlier saying “SONY sucks anyways, anyone stupid enough to buy from them needs to have his CC info taken” “This would never happen to 360, trololol” I just said, yeah this would never happen to flashing lights machine, herp erp derp.

  • I simply say least i don’t have RRoD and continue on will my day

  • Aren’t these the same fanboys who fall for CC info stolen on the PC? Also, users who paid for their subscriptions deserved to be compensated. Only these people should benefit for compensation. Anyone else who is getting it free doesn’t fall under this category. When I used to play P2P mmorpgs on the PC, if a server went down for more then a couple of days, we get compensated for lost time. (Former WoW Player)

  • Free god of war collection. figure we got a free arcade game when xbox live went down for 2 days.

  • Guys, in other threads, I can’t believe some people say they aren’t entitled to anything, while they are PSN+ members. Ordinary users may not ask for any compensation all right, but people with subscriptions MUST ask for compensation, the least of which is extension of their subscription length at least as long as the downtime. You shouldn’t be so kind when this downtime is eating your subscription. I’m 100% sure Sony will extend these subscriptions, I think they may do at least an extension of double the downtime. I’m glad not all consumers are so passive as some of you guys.

    I’m sad for Sony as this will annihilate their PSN income, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to make this up to people who are subscribers of PSN+ or those paid MMO’s.

  • Jason: Free god of war collection. figure we got a free arcade game when xbox live went down for 2 days.  

    …it was down 3 weeks when they got Undertow…

    @Emrah I agree, people will subscriptions deserve reimbursement no matter how little. (3 weeks of downtime is $1.66 for 1 year PS+ subscribers) But they still deserve reimbursement.

    I also believe Sony SHOULD give everyone something. But feeling we deserve it sort of takes away the nobility of them giving us anything. Its like having a girlfriend who feels she deserves your hard earned money. Giving her anything turns from a noble gesture to “its about f’ing time!”.

  • Good to know the cyber criminals didn’t steal my trophies. :p

    I hope Sony gets back on track as soon as possible, and that the ramifications of all this will be manageable. Can’t let the other console win the epic console wars. 🙂

  • Ajescent

    From here on in, I think it’s safe to say I’m a fanboy of Sony when after all this bizarro few weeks, I’m still loyal to them. I look forward to many more years as a Sony gamer.

  • I think that it’s going to take Sony a little while to gain back people’s trust. They need to prove that they have taken steps to really strengthen PSN’s security and they better be humble too.

    Maybe instead of a free game they should give us all a free year of credit monitoring?

  • Darklurkr23

    *Aha!* Great point SicSemper. Wouldn’t that be a crazy “sorry”. Give us each a free credit report or something.

    But I bet it’s going to be the standard free game sorry he’s a crazy 90% off sale bs 😀 Which I don’t have problem with at all.

    I’m not THAT pissed a Sony, I mean it’s not like it’s there fault they got hacked. It’s teh hacker’s fault. Plus I’m not Plus, and I have Xbox to kill time why PSN is down. Looking forward to getting back on the saddle 😀

  • I’m not pissed at all. I know NOTHING of the details. No matter how strong your security is, it can always be broken into. Now if Sony happen to be using gameboy level security, then I’ll be pissed. But until we find that out, you’re just getting pissed over assumptions and speculations.

  • So sad that the official blog has been entirely taken over by PSN outage reports. The once-colorful blog is now a grim wall of greyscale PS logos. Not that I’m suggesting that anyone wants to see Sony touting their “super awesome new titles and exclusives!!!” just now, but the big grey block is a depressing indicator of the extent of Sony’s headaches.

  • Can our reward be a free DCL because I want call of the dead Soo bad so I can kill zombies online with my friends when it comes out

  • Tresfrijoles: Can our reward be a free DCL because I want call of the dead Soo bad

    It’s unlikely that Sony will hand out third party (and multi-platform) DLC.

  • idc just want everything back to the way it was. Hope off SONY

  • Eddie: Its like having a girlfriend who feels she deserves your hard earned money. Giving her anything turns from a noble gesture to “its about f’ing time!”.  

    lol! Perfect explanation!

    I like the “good faith” definition, it sums up everything quite nicely i think.

    In response to the post, were those really the top FAQ? Those questions seem mostly obvious to me.