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Sony to hold press conference Sunday |

Sony is looking to let it all out on the table tomorrow during a press conference. The press conference will be begin at 2:00 p.m. Japan time (9.00pm PST, 12.00am EST, 5.00am BST, 6.00am CET). Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai has been chosen to do the speaking on what can be the biggest embarrassment in history. Expect to hear what has been done during the down time and what to look forward to.

Source: Gamepur

  • Is this good or bad news?

  • i am a 50 yr old women who enjoys playing ps3 in general i am a computer addict . this message is stating that people of all ages enjoy the ps3 . i have alot of faith in sony as i still have items that sony have made . obviously im curious as to what will be said at the meeting and have kept myself and others up to date as well. i do not blame sony for any mishaps as it could happen to anyone needless to say .there are people that are worried but the real question is about safety . i will put all my trust in sony but there will be others that will disagree with me. i will always stay with sony but it is so sad that it has come to this. i am so looking forward to getting back online and i will not stop buying my games .

  • Obviously they can’t go into super detail about how they restructured their security, because that would give out too much information. But it will be good to hear how they’ve gone about things.

  • This can make or break them. I would hate to be the one writing the speech. #2 said it best that it can happen to anyone. I was having a conversation with a friend who wanted to see geohot linched as he felt this all came about because of him.

    There seems to be a lack of argument coming from the homebrew scene now that this has happened. What good did enabling hombrew bring? 77 million accounts stolen, a lack of service for loyal honest customers and one of the biggest security breach’s in the history of the internet.

    Personally I dont trust anybody anymore. I like steam and how they allow one time purchases and the option to not store any data. I think sony needs to implement this asap. If nothing is there to be stolen why try? Encrypt our personal data. It is bad enough that we must agree to our information being shared with sony partners via the terms of use.

    They need to be honest with what happned bottom line.

  • Homebrew <> account theft.

  • victoria guzman

    Where is this conference gunna take place and when are we gunna hear about it?

  • PurpleHaze

    How will i be able to watch it?

  • Cage

    Finally some REAL answers. Will the conference be shown on TV, or streaming online, or anything?

  • Oly

    Should be somewhere, but I can’t find it..

  • When I read this article I was thinking ‘the U.S. Sunday time’ not Japan Sunday time XD, cause then when they posted a transcript of the conference on Facebook, I was like ‘ahhh yes, they are a whole day ahead of us.’ lol