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Uncharted 3 a Step Back? |

The more I see of Uncharted 3 the more I can’t help but say, “This looks like a step back”. From the obvious amount of scale as seen in the city picture below to the lack of shading and detail in the character faces. This just doesn’t appear to be looking like a step forward.

The cut scenes of the Multi-player look amazing, don’t get me wrong. I’m just stating what I see when I look at comparison shots. Take a look at the photos after the jump and share your comments.

  • Jay

    I think it’s mainly the lighting, because the textures do seem a little more detailed on U3.

  • Its an unfinished game….polish doesn’t happen till the late stages.

  • No

    What a stupid article.

  • Well they did an update to the engine, so they could have better elemental effects (like the fire, which is spectacular) and they said having to adjust for 3D really allowed them to buff up the visuals in some areas. I think it looks fine, maybe it’s just the brightness of the light source in the screen shots?

  • Duncan

    As for the city picture, look at the difference in the sky texture. Those are some badass clouds in UC3. Plus I feel like that is an unfair angle in the UC3 picture, its a lot closer and a lot lower than the UC2 picture. Also the engine in 3 has to render a much larger area where as in 2, they don’t even have to render the far side of the mountains because no one is going to ever see them.

  • UC3 blows it away in every sense imho. And it does so several months before its release.

  • I can’t wait to hear your opinion on 11-2-11.

  • I’ll have to disagree with you on this one.

    Edges seem half as blurred. The real difference are the colors, which are much more vibrant, that can be misleading.