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Mass Effect 3 Delayed |

This is a piece of news that’s certainly going to divide opinions.

Chris Priestly just announced at Bioware’s forum that ME3 will be delayed to Q1 2012. The motive, you ask? To take the game to the highest level possible. They have also released two new screens, which you can see at their gallery.

So what do you think, are you too anxious, or do you find the delay welcome?

  • weak!

  • dave

    I liked Mass Effect 2 alot, but I can wait for this Iam ready for Dirt 3 and Uncharted 3 I would get those games first, but thats me so yes I can wait till 2015 for Mass Effect 3.

  • I’m not the biggest Mass Effect fan myself.

    I think after hearing so many people talking so greatly of it, when I got to it, I just didn’t think it lived up to the hype. I can’t play it for more than a couple hours.

    However, I like the fact they’re taking their time. For , exampleI loved Dragon Age 2, but they should have delayed it a couple months to release everything working correctly…

    I hate games that are only “playable” after two or three patches, it really makes people who get games on release (like me) feel a little cheated out.

  • Huh, I was much more satisfied with ME2 than DA2, but I like DA:O/A better than both the aforementioned titles. Anyway, ME3 is one of my few must-buy titles in the foreseeable future, so I’m disappointed. (My two pre-orders at the moment are LA Noire and Infamous 2.)

  • Couldn’t have made me happier!!! Just the thought of splitting time with Skyrim and ME3 (w/ a lil Uncharted 3 thrown in to break the monotony) is enough to get the evil eye from the wife w/o even mentioning that I won’t see her again for at least 40 days.

    ….now with only one MASSIVE title (as in time sink) coming, I can hide my addiction a lil easier.

  • Arg, Skyrim, true — I was forgetting about the next Elder Scrolls! Good stuff.

  • I think I’ll get ME3, but I’m not at all very excited about it.

    November will be dedicated to Skyrim and a little bit of Uncharted 3. But really, Skyrim will be a much superior game than ME3 for sure.

  • I could care less. Im still waiting for shenmue 3 πŸ™‚ The world wont end before it comes out so patience is a virtue.

  • LOL its cuz they know they wont sell anything with all these games coming out. ME3 should just be canceled at this point the series is sooo crap not even funny.

  • I would rather see this delayed for a long time to further better the game. I mean its the end, it has to blow us away. All questions need answering. I know the mmo is in the works but we need closure for the series. My shepard is growing tired of avoiding death lol

  • Honestly I agree with you Jason.

    I really think they should improve the shooting part of the game. The story is interesting and all, but I find the mechanics a bit quirky and it got old fast to me.