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Konami Holding Pre-E3 Global Event |

A week before one of the biggest video game events in the world kicks off in L.A next month, Konami plans to hold it’s own special “Global Event”. Hoping to build pre-E3 buzz, on June 2nd the makers of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill will kick off a global online screen event that will “tie the viewing party attendees from each city with online viewers through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.”

The live event will be open to “a select number of journalists, gamers and Konami fans” in a number of cities and will include new company announcements, exclusive developers interviews, and never-before-seen game trailers. One of the games likely to be shown off at the event and also at E3 2011 is Metal Gear Solid: Rising currently in development for the PS3 and 360.
Sources: Kotaku / Konami

  • Not the least interested in metal gear rising but hope they announce an exclusive. I dont want multiplatform. If I did I would have kept my 7 360’s. I was so sad when they said it was on 360 as well. Reason being is the media (DVD) and the lack of backing by Sony. Ill pass on it.

    The new silent hill looks scary scary. I hope they go back to their roots of the series. The first is still the best imo.

  • I’m very interested in MG Rising! Well, at least curious!

    I think it’ll be a PS Move title, it sure has a lot of potential…

  • Sinlock

    “Place MGS4 Trophy support comment here”

  • Sinlock: “Place MGS4 Trophy support comment here”  

    XD That would be something. Maybe they’ll announce the MGS HD ps3 edition. But also have an HD version of Peace Walker! I loved that game, but I want to use a controller >.> and play the ops with friends online.