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Trade Your Old PS3 for $200 Towards a New One at GameStop |

GameStop is having a great deal where you can trade in your current PS3 for $200! This trade-in must be put towards a newer model PS3. So, if you have an old fatty, and are looking to keep up with the design change, now is the time to act. This deal runs until the 14th of May. Here’s how the ad reads:


* Trade in your old PS3 and SAVE $200 on a new one!
* Offer applicable towards a new Sony PlayStation 3 system.

Valid until May 14th 2011. Offer applicable towards selected PS3 consoles. Offer may be discontinued at any time. Valid in Canada only. Trade credit not offered at all EB Games/Gamestop locations. See in-store for complete details.

So my Canadian friends you cant say I haven’t posted a deal for you 🙂

  • anonymous

    “old fatty”

    lol the old fatty are way better then the new PS3….anybody taking this deal will regret it…

    no PS2 compat at all and you lose the flash card drives and 2 USB slots…stick with your phats people they are the legacy of what was once great

    also new PS3 with new hardware meaning no more jailbreaks…for anyone who’s into that…

  • Dylan

    Question is does it have to be a working PS3? Or can I trade in my broken YLODed Ps3…..hopefully when I go, the answer is yes.

  • MrHyde229

    I have a “fatty” without PS2 emulation/card slots and I’m thinking that I pull the 320 gig HD I installed, return the old 60 gig one (I have it in a portable HD case) and grab my second slim. With my PS+ membership I can transfer EVERY game save file I have, nothing is locked. And, thanks to the PSN intrusion, everyone has this ability for one month once the system is back up. This is VERY tempting. Love my “fatty” but after a few years my YLOD concerns are mounting and my slim does run quieter, cooler and I would swear it’s a bit quicker.

  • MrHyde229

    And if you can find it: $100 for upgrade to slim, $80 for both Killzone 3 and Move controller. Hmmmmm…..