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Members of Beyond3D Show PSN Servers Were Patched Up to Date Prior to being Hacked |

Bitmob has recently posted some detective work performed by the talented members of Beyond3D that shows Sony’s Apache servers were running version 2.2.17 which is the most recent version available. They did this very simply by pulling up the info in Google webcache from March 23 showing the last update of the server.

Furthermore they provide the full statement from Dr. Stafford saying that he has no information about what protections they had in place, showing that he has been quoted out of context and spread across the internet like a wildfire with the incorrect information.

All this info coming after Sony claimed the servers were patched and updated as well.


  1. What was blown out of proportion Eddie?

  2. @Pedro – People stating the servers weren’t using the latest version – Pedro

  3. @Eddie: You might edit the first sentence to something like, “Bitmob…shows Sony’s Apache servers were running version 2.2.17, which is the most recent version available, at the time of the April 17-20 attacks.” That might make the context more clear to those who aren’t au courant with this debate.

  4. @Dave: thanks, I hadn’t heard anything about this until I read this so I was confused.

  5. So they hacked the latest security lol Not good news But servers are easy to get into if you are familiar with them. Think about all the Devry education and apache hands on you get there

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