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Microsoft Bought Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars. What Does that Mean for PSP/NGP? |

Microsoft has officially announced that it has won a bid over Google and Facebook for the ownership of Skype at the cost of 8.5 billion dollars.

Now, you may be asking why MS news can be found on a PS3 website, but this impact will affect Sony products as well going forward. We all know that PSP has Skype and MS plans to keep supporting that, of course. However, the rumors of Skype coming to PS3 and possibly the NGP are way up in the air now.

MS did announce that they will create a new group to support Skype on other non-microsoft hardware, but will Sony and MS actually work out an agreement? Only time will tell.

  • R.I.P. Skype

  • lol Sony wtf were you thinking?

  • Can’t wait to use Kinect with this thing!!!

  • @jason please give us reason 3345556643 on why you think Sony sucks.

    Sony has nothing to do with this…

  • Jay

    I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if Sony did cut some kind of deal with Microsoft to get it on the NGP/PS3. Is the possibility of it happening a lot lower? Of course, but it still doesn’t completely rule it out either.

  • Well Sony one thing left to do. Buy Youtube. Idk if u can but…idk lol