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Are Developers To Be Compensated By Sony? |

Gamers are getting compensated by Sony by allowing us to download 2 free PS3 games from a list of 5, or PSP owners can download 2 games from a list of 4, once the PSN is fully restored – although we’re unsure how long after the network is back, we’ll be able to do this. Depending on the quality of the games, it may or may not be a good deal. Nevertheless, we all know what we’re being offered in terms of compensation.

However, developers have been in a similar position – not at the same level as us (on a larger level), but they have also been hit hard on the pocket. They will have lost income via many channels due to this incident, hence it got me thinking – I wonder what they’re getting as a compensation package – IF they’re getting one?

What do think?

  • Well…I’d have to assume Sony can only offer so much before offering themselves out of the business.

    Tough question though…I’m sure the dev companies are crying foul (wasn’t it Capcom that stated they’ve already lost MILLIONS due to this?), but I find it hard to believe that Sony would do anything for them. Sony has the consumer base that attracts dev’s….no need to talk them into playing with them. But it’s that consumer base that Sony needs to protect, hence the free goodies to one side (and I doubt anything to the other).

    It’s not like the dev’s are going to retaliate against Sony…I mean, they still want to sell product. Cutting off 1/3rd of the market would be a HORRIBLE business decision.

  • All i have to say or ask is why are so many people greedy?

  • Probably they’ll be compensated somehow. Possibly they’ll give discounts to a variety of services, I don’t believe there’ll be an actual payment though…

  • Ajescent

    Don’t see why they need to compensate the devs because as soon as the store comes back, there will be a made rush to buy all the stuff people missed out on…which reminds me, I need a psn card before the store comes back.

  • Capcom also said that “Sony are probably being as transparent as possible with this situation”

    I’m guessing things like removing bandwidth fee’s and such is probably going to happen to start. Since dev’s get charged for the data transmitted to download their game.

  • @All: What could Sony do as a goodwill token for publishers/developers? Lower their take (% they get from all PSN sales) for two months so everyone can get increased revenue, fast.

    First thing I’m buying once the store is back? Scott Pilgrim DLC.

  • I’m sure some news in regards to this will crop up sooner or later, it just can’t be avoided.

  • Yeah, it sucks, as Sony has been (finally!) convincing some dev’s to put more effort into the PS3 release of their titles or to refrain from renewing exclusive deals with MS (Portal 2, Mass Effect 2). And Sony really seduced Valve, getting that sweetheart deal that integrates the PS3 with Steam. Anyway, let’s hope Sony isn’t burning newly built bridges.