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Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection soon on PSN |

Mmm, shouldn’t the title have an extra K in there? Let me know if you find the spot!

AFTER the new Mortal Kombat was released at retail someone had the bright idea that a great way to drive up hype, and therefore sales, would be to give us a collection of the original arcade trilogy as a single download from the Playstation Network… again, AFTER the release. And what better way of announcing it than during the PSN outage!

Price is set at $9.99 which, for three games, is a very good price. This new edition will have online play, leaderboards and trophies. Still need to find out if each game has it’s own set of trophies (as has been the case with retail HD collections) or if we’re getting a single set of trophies for all three games since it’s a single, below $20, PSN title.

No release date yet, but soon we’ll be able to relieve our childhood memories with such great, diverse and rich characters as this guy:

  • Ajescent

    This made me laugh.

  • Ok am I the only one who loved the jump kick, jump kick combo in mortal Kombat 1? Remember you jump kick and then while they are flying you jump kick them again? Was the most satisfying feeling out of all kombos next to Kitanas jump kick fan tele throw one 😛 the first will always be might favorite. simplistic and I have such fond memories of it at the local pizza parlor. I got the vendor to flip the dip switchs so you could knock off 5 heads with johnny cage 😛

  • Couldn’t they release these earlier ¬¬

    Might pick it up though, I do like some nostalgia.

  • free when psn returns?

  • I have MK II on the PS3 already but I wouldn’t mind playing UMK3 😀

  • @IvanTheGent: But this one has trophies!

  • Arkade!

  • Oly

    ArKade KolleKtion

  • @Deadlysin687: Yep, that’s the one! Congrats, 50 points have been added to your account. Thanks for participating!

    @Oly: Ah, missed by THAT much!