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Lost L.A. Noire PAX East 2011 Voice Cast |

Download MP3 [16.2 MB – 23:37]

So I never released this but I had it for a while now, actually since PAX East 2011. I was originally going to do an impressions but since the game is being released tomorrow and some reviews have started coming out I thought I would give you the voice cast right from the guys at RockStar Games.

This was actually pretty nice, it was just one other guy and I in the closed booth so we had a chance to really get a lot of time with the guys. We weren’t able to play the game but we were so close to all the action that we might as well have been.

This game makes me feel like I am watching an episode of Dragnet, not all of the corniness but the feel of being a cop back in the 1940’s, interrogating witnesses, putting clues together, fist fighting and the occasional car chases.

  • L.A. Noire seems to be like Heavy Rain and Heavy Rain is a sloooooooooow game, but L.A. Noire seems to be a little more fast paced then Heavy, Ill wait for this to be a $30.00 game before I get it.

  • Im so pumped for tonite. Ill be up til like midnite playing this game. Im a bit shocked though. I havent seen a perfect score from anyone except g4. IGN gave it a 8.5(thats lame). So ur tellim me that Halo 3 which to many people is the worst in the franchise can get a 10 but LA Noire a game that is bringing brand new technology to gameing doesnt deserve a perfect score. From what im hearing the story is great, the gameplay is great, the graphics are great yet there are flaws like any other game and it doesnt get a perfect score and the face technology is AWSOME. C’mon son. I know i should care about what reviewers say but still thats plan bogus.

  • Good job!

  • @Royalty32,

    I go to and they gave it a 9.0