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Dragon Age 3 on its Way? |

Dragon Age 3 was basically announced on Twitter last night in a tweet by BioWare’s creative lead, Alistair McNally.
It said, “I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3.”

Did anyone not expect to see a third?

  • nonononononono no! Fix the bugs in the 2nd one first before even thinking about making a 3rd. They need to just put the milk utters out and let gamers begin to get milk in the form of an mmo. This is going to be a cod cash cow lol Wont last as long though. The die hard were deeply upset with lack of involvement and story in 2 so I cant see this being any better unless it hits 2013

  • I liked Dragon Age II a lot. But I’m honestly not excited about this.

    I really think the game went into a direction that wasn’t really interesting to me.

  • Oly

    From what I’ve heard, most agree 2 was sub par to Origins… I’m sure BioWare knows that and will do better on 3…

  • Jason: I cant see this being any better unless it hits 2013

    I’m with you: Bioware, put some real time into this next title! They spent years developing DA:O, from what I understand. Of course the second should have been quicker to develop as they didn’t have to start imagining a universe from scratch. But DA2 still needed at least another six months of development time. We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied in the RPG world for a while between ES5 and that weird pirate thing that Oly keeps posting about. So let’s let DA3 simmer slowly for a good long while.

  • I’ve read something interesting about how RPGs are changing and how it reflects on Dragon Age 2. Nowadays many games have some kind of RPG elements, even FPS games or something that and that’s a trend.

    However, true RPGs are less and less common each day, failing to succeed commercially.

    I agree with it to some extent, I do think hardcore RPG is a niche, that might be to small when compared to amount of work and money necessary to develop a extremely well polished experience.

  • Oly

    I never really considered Dragon Age a true RPG..
    Two Worlds 2, Oblivion.. those are RPGs

  • Why don’t you think that DA:O is a true RPG? Or what constitutes a true RPG?

  • Imo opinion of all those games Dragon Age is closest to being a “true RPG” than any other.

    If you think about the real deal paper and dice RPG it shares more elements with DA:O because it takes a lot of strategy, placing and you actually have hit chance, damage value and that sort of stuff. (Basically, if you’re playing as a warrior you will get hit no matter what, because of turns)

    The other games are action RPG games. The best way to look at it is in both you have active block and dodge, meaning: if you’re skilled enough you can get by without taking any damage at all.

  • I’m from edmonton so its cool to know that their making the next dragon age game right in my backyard 🙂