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Uncharted 3 amazing Mo-cap |

We already know what to expect from the team behind Uncharted and they dont appear to be slowing down with Uncharted 3 and bringing us the latest in technology. The new mocap studio in Culver City is a perfect example that they mean business.Amy Hennig, Creative Director is letting everybody know that she means business when casting for the Uncharted series

We cast very carefully, that’s step one in any project. If you cast hastily or badly, you’re screwed forever. If you cast well, you can write any piece of crap and they’ll make it sound wonderful. Trust me, I’ve done it!
— Amy Hennig, Creative Director, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception

The motion capture now displays in real time on an overhead screen allowing the actors and directors to see exactly what is being captured and allowing for instant re-takes.

The tech behind games just seems to be getting better and better. Here is a video showing you just what has been going on in the new studio.


  • This is how amazing Naughty Dog is, I wrote to them when Uncharted was released and expressed my love of the game and how it finally brought back the “Adventure” in Action/Adventure game. A week and few days later, I received a response from Amy Henning herself and thanked me for not only the love and support but also expressed how the team was hell bent on making an amazing game for people such as myself.

  • My buddy sent them an email and pics of his son as Nathan Drake for halloween and they sent his son an autographed posted of Uncharted 2 framed with everybody’s signatures on it. They are truly a remarkable company who make games for gamers.

  • First, let me start talking about the post:
    I really like when a company shows appreciation for those who are not in the front lines of their development, like those guys who are merely portraying some henchmen or something, that’s really cool.

    Secondly: The cool thing about costumer appreciation is that not only does it mean they like to kiss your ass and maintain your loyalty, they also are always concerned with the product they release on the market. Nowadays, I’d say that’s real costumer appreciation, with all the crappy games we’ve seen…

  • Wish Insomniac was good at this.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux: Wish Insomniac was good at this.  

    in time, in time