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Free Maps Coming for Dead Space 2 Multiplayer |

“Who’s up for some FREE new maps for Dead Space 2 Multiplayer? The team has been working hard to bring you new and exciting maps, and they’re proud to bring you their latest and greatest for FREE. Return to The Sprawl in the two new multiplayer maps; The Academy and The Concourse. This new Outbreak Map Pack will be available May 31st on XBOX Live and June 3rd on PSN.”
Source: Official Dead space Facebook Page


  1. Pretty cool! I’ll be getting those.

    I don’t play much multiplayer, but every once in a while it’s a good pace changer.

    I loved the game and the multiplayer is actually pretty fun.

  2. I was in the private beta for this a while back, enjoyed teh living hell out of it. Wish I was able to buy the actual, I’d most likely be on this all day.

  3. So many rude Europeans on this in MP. Was fun until every match I was playing was a simple USA bashing party. Sadly not many play this anymore.

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