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PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein Fights by way of Mortal Kombat |

It’s rare to see actual PlayStation staff or developers play games. It’s even more rare to see them play against gamers online unless it’s some kind of a presentation or you happen to be the select random few they accept as a friend and get added to their friends list.

Well, Jeff Rubenstein is the Social Media Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America. His role at SCEA includes running the North American PlayStation Blog website. He was caught playing Mortal Kombat online and did a pretty decent job playing. I’m no Mortal Kombat expert, but his gameplay reminds me of Sentinel mouth lasers and Sentinel drones if you know what I mean. Watch the video below.

One more video after the break.

Via dualpixels

  • He’s the guy who starts out as Sektor right? Ok, I wouldn’t say he was “pwning” anyone…

    I can tell you this: the guy who takes him out is a way better juggler then me.

  • Yes. He’s Sektor. It’s just pretty interesting to see him play.