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PS3 and PSP Bundles incoming |

Looks like we have a few new bargains in the form of bundles coming our way. The first is the Dad’s and Grad’s bundle featuring MLB The Show and GranTurismo along with a 2gb memory card and a piano black PSP.

You can grab one for $159.99 this June. Honestly I have both titles and these are some graphical power house’s with killer game play. Great bundle idea. The next bundle is a Black Ops bundle featuring a PlayStation 3 slim and Black ops for $299.99 The first strike DLC is included. Personally, I feel this game is so flawed, I cant believe they are giving it a bundle. The name alone will sell it I guess. May 31st is the release date.

Source:PSBlog and PSBlog

  • They’re really downgrading their bundles aren’t they?

    I guess they have to attach their consoles to more successful franchises in order to give sales a boost.

  • Pedro the ps3 bundle is a mistake. Blops is bad on the ps3. The psp bundle however is brilliant as both games there are 100s of hrs worth of play time

  • I was referring to the PS3 bundle, as I don’t own a PSP and never played those games, so I can’t really comment. They’re probably doing that in order to prevent sales from plummeting as the PSP life cycle closes to an end.

    Regarding the PS3 bundle, iIf someone could comment with actual numbers it would be best, but I think blops has some decent sales figures even on the PS3, that’s what I was referring to.

  • Um why COD BO, i mean sure they wanna make mooney but, um yea um….

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux: Um why COD BO, i mean sure they wanna make mooney but, um yea um….  

    If they were smart it would be Uncharted 1 and 2 bundle. Cant go wrong there. LBP 1 and 2 bundle. Guess this is for the people jumping ship to ps3 for all the great exclusives. Sadly BO is so overwhelmed with cheats and glitches those from xbox wont last more then a few weeks. Live is more policed. Throw on mw2 or cod4 on ps3 and you can really see what I mean.