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New PS3 Slim Accessory Announced from Duracell |

Duracell announced today the Duracell Extender for the PlayStation 3. The expansion bay attaches to the PS3 Slim Model and adds additional ports, SD card ports and the ability to charge multiple Dual shock’s. Here is the official announcement:

Wireless controllers for the PlayStation 3 provide comfort and freedom during a game. Until they need charging: then the controllers have to be attached to the console with a cable again. Tiresome untangling of the mess of cables before the next game is therefore unavoidable. The Duracell Extender offers a much more practical solution. Specially adapted to the design of the PlayStation 3, this charging device hides two USB inserts for two wireless controllers under its lid. These can then be easily inserted into each USB port and can thus be charged in parallel. At the same time the sturdy, hard case is ideal for keeping controllers safe and protected. In this way they are safely stowed away and ready at any time for the next game. The box matches the PlayStation 3 in its look and depth. With the guide rails on its base, the charging station can be attached to the console, integrating seamlessly into the appearance of the console ensemble.

In addition, the Duracell Extender has five additional inputs. At the front there are two slots for memory cards: one for SD cards, one for memory sticks. By connecting up the PlayStation 3 and the Duracell Extender, it’s not just photos, music and videos that can be viewed or played on the television directly from the storage medium. States of play during games, for example, can also be conveniently stored this way on a memory card or stick and kept ready for the next gaming session. The Duracell Extender also boasts three further USB ports, which are at the back of the device and are therefore unseen by the observer. Peripheral devices, such as a USB adapter for Singstar microphones and radio dongles can be plugged into the device conveniently and without spoiling the look. The Duracell Extender therefore offers a logical upgrade of the somewhat minimally equipped PlayStation 3 with its two front USB ports.

With its own power supply, the Duracell Extender remains independent of the PlayStation. The console can also remain switched off while charging. To ensure that the user always has an overview of the controller’s battery status, two status displays give information on the current level of charge.

Thanks to its straightforward operation for charging and its additional ports for storage media, the Duracell Extender offers the perfect addition to the PlayStation 3.


A slot for SD cards as well as one for memory sticks
Three additional USB ports at the back
Can be fixed soundly to the PlayStation by means of stable guide rails on its base
Matches the look of the PlayStation 3
Charges two wireless controllers at the same time
Charging status displays at the front
Independent of the PlayStation with its own power supply
Sturdy storage compartment for wireless controllers
Only compatible with the Sony PS3 – Slim
Useful addition to the Sony PS3
In an overall width (with console) of most stereo components
With detailed instructions in many languages

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So what do you think of this being released for only the Slim model line?

Source: Examiner

  • Sounds interesting. Though it wouldn’t fit where I currently have my ps3 sitting XD.

  • I can’t imagine anyone wanting that. who has an extra foot of room to spare on the side of her console? this sort of device is a much more elegant solution to sony’s perplexing decision to axe two usb ports and card readers on the slim:

  • What do you really need more usb ports for?

  • 4 USB ports please yay.

    One for my Head set
    One for my Vision cam
    One to charge Move
    One to charge Navigation or main PAD

  • Luke

    I am with premiersoupir on this. This is some what lame and I doubt it will sell a lot of units. How about you just buy a USB hub and your all set. I bought 1 with 7 USB ports for $10 on ebay and it does wonders, plus it’s tiny.

  • I always have the Eye and a thumb drive plugged in. Granted, it’s rather rare that I need more, but I occasionally plug in a USB keyboard, and it used to be that if a DS3 died while I wanted to play, I’d plug it in via mini USB to keep gaming. Now that I have four controllers, that’s not an issue. But I know people who need more slots for things, like Crusty up there. And that Sony headset that you recently posted about is wireless, but it requires a USB transmitter.

    Anyway, I agree with your implicit suggestion that two USB ports is probably adequate for most people.

  • Tosh

    premiersoupir: I can’t imagine anyone wanting that. who has an extra foot of room to spare on the side of her console? this sort of device is a much more elegant solution to sony’s perplexing decision to axe two usb ports and card readers on the slim:  

    Thanks for posting a link to that. I use all 4 usb ports right now.

    DualShock 3
    DualShock 3
    Move Controller
    PS Eye

    I actually wish I had one more USB slot in the rear of the ps3 honestly.

  • I think it’s not so bad, but idk if I’d get one.

    The DS3 charger is always useful as well as the extra USB ports, but that depends a lot on the price.

  • Darklurkr23

    Screw the extra chargers, how about an expansion for PS2 CAPABILITIES!

  • Oly

    Great Idea, but way to big.

  • I would have to move my setup to make enough room for this but so far it’s an interesting idea.

  • It defeats the purpose of owning a smaller slimmer ps3 in my opinion lol Yeah I have my ps3 in a sealed entertainment set up with exhaust fans and it has 8 inch’s all around space. No go for me. My pc is next to my tv as I use the TV as a monitor with hdmi so I have plenty of usb plugs handy anyways