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Assassin’s Creed Revelations – The Road to E3 Part 1 |

“With the largest videogame show in North America only a week away, we give you a quick peek at what the team is working on! Well, as much as we can show of what they are working on.” – UbiSoft

UbiSoft just released this funny video to get us all hyped up for E3. They have also invited everyone to watch their E3 Press Conference live on, Monday June 6th, at 3:30 PM PDT (6:30 EST).

  • Game wont be that different. The series needs an overhaul majorly after recycling the previous for brotherhood.. I never thought the series would try to nickel and dime its fans the way they did. Go back to the roots and the story we began. I lost faith here.

  • That’s lame…

    Like Jason I’m also a bit disappointed with the way the franchise is taking. I loved the first two games, platinum trophy and all, but Brotherhood was like a expansion of ACII and it wasn’t really that much more interesting… and now they decided to create another title with less than a year between them…

    When the first game came out it was something completely different. The second added a lot and made everything seamless, the third one felt like “more of the same” and it’s difficult to believe this won’t feel like it again.

    I hope I’m wrong. I just love pulling out an air assassination and that can never get too old, but I’d like to see some improvements and new interesting (not random) gameplay additions and more importantly a turn around for the story part, because they just made a mess with Brotherhood.

  • Pedro I have no idea what happened in brotherhood. Im so confused and running around with that thing blasting people was stupid. I liked the air assassination in 1 the best where it was fully implemented but you could pull it off with precise timing.

  • Maybe we can record a quick spoiler segment in the podcast explaining what happened in Brotherhood XD. Well unlike you two, I’m really looking forward to it.I also want that sweater…

  • I agree with you Jason, the gun was pretty stupid, I hardly used it, and in Brotherhood they actually decided you should have another ranged weapon, which doesn’t really makes much sense as it screws with the gameplay a little bit i think.

    One thing I liked about brotherhood were the sword fights (or other weapons for that matter), which were much better than in any of the previous titles.

  • chrysostom

    AC1 feels like a half baked action game with tons of meaningless tasks (collecting feathers for no reason). AC2 feels a lot more complete and I can truly enjoy it. Brotherhood is a drag. Can’t bring myself to like it.. feels like doing the same thing over and over again.. I hope the next one in the series will do something completely different or else I would have to pass.

  • Oly

    We need co-op missions!

  • Oly: We need co-op missions!  

    That would be completely awesome. Synchronized assassinations!