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PlayStation Store to be fully restored this week. |

According to an official press release, Sony will plan to roll out the PlayStation Store this week. The press release goes on to state that they have added considerable updates and full security enhancements throughout. Japan, Hong kong, and South Korea are still waiting on the full restoration of the network. There was no word on when those regions will become fully active again.

  • Nice! Today for NA?? Gimme my one free game that I don’t have from the list!

  • Apparently I’ll be wining the bet with incredible accuracy!

    I really want to see what games will be available when the store comes up. So many launches lately.

  • Tosh

    Great news. Ya, Pedro you might win the bet. I guessed May 30th 6am – Noon and you guess this Friday.

  • Good to hear…hope they can keep to it. More importantly, I hope they can KEEP IT UP! Judging from the fact that the hacking of Sony is still going on…I don’t have that much confidence of it staying up.

  • Good news. Looking forward to downloading some new songs for RB3.

  • adhoc plz

  • wait so since today is the day We get updates is it up or is it just like by friday or something, regardless, still good news. Just wish SONY announced that the whole R3 europe exclusive survivor edt was a joke and that itll be in the US too.

  • Hopefully it’s up soon.. excited to see how Playstation Plus works

  • It will probably be up by tonight or tomorrow in the US.