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Watch E3 on your PS3! |

For the first time ever members who take advantage of PlayStation Home will be able to watch the entire press conference free! This is some neat stuff here. Sony’s E3 press conference is on Monday, June 6 at 5pm Pacific Time and will be live in a special screening room available in Home. The popular Event Booth will be making another appearance this year as well. You will gain exclusive virtual items for attending the event and visiting the booth.

The Sony team will also be streaming the hottest games live from the show floor bringing a virtual E3 right to you. Will you be attending a virtual E3?

Source: PlayStation.Blog

  • Idk if i could ima try though for a fact. 5psm PST would be what for EST?

  • 8 o’clock

  • Pretty cool! I think I might check it out.

    What do you think they’ll be announcing?

  • DON’T watch the press conference on your PS3! Trust me, it will lag like crazy with all the people that will be live streaming it.

  • Home buffers before hand Eden it will be fine

  • oh and bottom line is if you want the best coverage simply go here 😛

  • @Eden : well, I’m mostly used to the lag so I’ll be fine ;p

    Well, I’ll be at home, so I guess I’ll be connecting to both coverages, at least for a couple minutes to see if there’s something worth watching.

  • I’ll wait after the conference is over since I’ve got lots of work scheduled and 5 hours would just kill my week…