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Brand New Starhawk Multiplayer Footage. |

Starhawk is shaping up to be a must buy, day 1 game. See for yourself as the guys from the Lightbox battle it out in this intense Capture the Flag match. Will the God of War series creators from Santa Monica Studios bring us another hit? Only time will tell. Starhawk will be playable on the E3 show floor next week. Follow us as we will be live blogging from the event!

  • Looks rushed

  • Ace

    Jason: Looks rushed  

    Respectfully disagree, for two main reasons:

    • Game isn’t planned to be released until 2012.
    • The quality of this video is very bad.

    I say wait until E3, so, we can have our writers tells us from experience.

  • Did they fix the players rushing for the hawks and turning it into an aerial combat game? I always ran around on foot for a half hour looking for someone to kill. I saw the video on Sony blog in hd and it looks unfinished. The only thing I thought looked cool was the base pieces dropping in and being built. The problem for me with warhawk is what I stated already. If they haven’t found a balance to prevent people from lining up like they are waiting for ice cream where the hawks spawn it will be the same experience.

    Well when there ask them if they have implemented something to prevent that from happening. Id like to know. Ticks me off to be honest. It reminds me of the early battlefield games where you could parachute to the enemy’s spawn and simply snipe everyone in a line waiting for tanks and what not to spawn. Yawnn gets boring 😛

  • I don’t think it looks rushed either. Seems very fine for a downloadable game (this is a psn title right?).

    Regarding the strategy, I think they’ve implemented many mechanics that will make it more attractive to play different styles, aerial and terrestrial combat, as well as managing the construction of buildings.

  • “Will the God of War series creators from Santa Monica Studios bring us another hit?”

    I think you got the wrong studio there.

    Lightbox Interactive is has many members of the former Incognito studio, which worked with Sony Santa Monica, but I doubt many of the God of War devs are there. Most God of War talent is probably still with Sony Santa Monica or with Eat Sleep Play.