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E3 2011: Konami Press Conference [Replay] |

The Konami Press Conference turned out to be a pre-recorded video instead of it being live. What we got out of it was some HD collections like Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 & Peace Walker (what no MGS 1?!), Silent Hill, Zone of Enders 1 & 2. Some more info about NeverDead & PES 2012. A new Silent Hill movie called Silent Hill Revelations 3D is in the works.

Kojima came up with a new system called “Transfarring” which transfers saves from your PS3 to the NGP. The Metal Gear Solid & Zone of Enders HD Collections support Transfarring. Konami announced a new game engine called The Fox Engine. No other info about that just yet.

So what did think of Konami’s E3 2011 Press Conference this year? Better than last year at least. Check out our live blog replay here, thanks goes to Paul Fierce to covering that for us.


  • chrysostom

    nice. it sounds like that the Transfarring thing is not just about saves.. It sounds like they are transferring the entire game across (maybe only on the first transfer and then subsequent transfers are saves only). That’s probably why their final goal is to transfer between PS3 and NGP (before then is only PS2 / HD collection games).

  • I find it wrong that Konami is making the HD remake for the 360. Its not right at all. I mean sure MGS2 was on xbox, but wasn’t that all? Peace Walker was PSP title, staying with SONY. So why on 360. And it being on 360 is most likely the reason it doesn’t include MGS1. In the future MGS games besides RISING which will be on 360, should be PlayStation Exclusives. MGS had its start here. If it goes to other consoles, it will give people to buy other consoles. If PS3 had RISING as a exclusive, then it would sell more in PS3s on release of the game too. MGS = best franchise of all games ever!!!

  • I struggling to see how this “keep exclusive” opinion is not the most immature, child-like, “Mom, he hurt me!” point of view I’ve seen in a while. I mean, especially in todays generation where “exclusive” is a disappearing term! Curious as to how it matters….at all.

    xDeFcoN’s argument stating that it would sell more PS3’s if exclusive is WAY off! Like the dev is more interested in supporting a console as opposed to making a profit?!?! C’mon! The only way i could put myself in your shoes is if the Halo series came to the PS3…and you know what, I would be nothing but happy for you guys (those that wanted to play it that is). I had my fun with it, why shouldn’t you guys?

    As for the game, I can’t help but think releasing this holiday season is a horrible idea. Especially with all these new games coming in (Gears3, Skyrim, Uncharted3), I don’t see how an HD remake will make a big splash. Would have RAKED up as a late spring/early summer release where there’s not much to compete with.

  • Yeah, I agree w/myk26. November is a bad time to release the MGS HD collection. There are too many AAA games coming out around that time.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be getting either, though. I’ve played MGS 2 and 3 already and PeaceWalker doesn’t interest me. After MGS4 I don’t think my mind could take anymore twist, turns and crazy plots, lol.

    As far as ZOE is concerned, both games are too short to warrant another purchase just for trophies a nd HD graphics for me. Unless there’s a demo of ZOE3 or MGS:Rising thrown in, I’ll probably pass on both HD collections.

  • Will they include trophies? If they DO then I can do another run with the Silent HIll games.

  • I want never dead. Have wanted it since day 1

  • cant wait for the mgs collection tho does suck it doesnt have mgs 1