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PS3BlogCast Episode 4 |

Episode 4 has arrived, and we have broken our record of only having 3 people! Of course it only happens about half way through, but we did it!

I just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a small amount of echo in certain parts, I believe because Eddie was using Skype on his mobile. I tried to get most of it out, but a lot of it was too close to cut.


I wanted to mention that the PS3BlogCast is listed on iTunes! So please subscribe and rate/review us there. You can also leave a voicemail for us by calling PS3-888-BLOG or if you want to contact us via email for us you can do so here.

Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Starhawk Multiplayer Footage
  • WWE ’12 Announced
  • Watch E3 on your PS3!
  • DLC Details for L.A. Noire
  • Sony’s SmartAR Tech NGP Bound?
  • New Battlefield 3 footage
  • Sony Confirms PlayStation 4
  • Battlefield 3 | FPS Voice Over Record
  • Deathspank 3: The Baconing
  • Ace’s Sound Byte Contest
  • yea…i’ll need a mic next time on my PC.

  • Eddie: yea…i’ll need a mic next time on my PC.  

    No problem. It wasn’t too bad, and it only happened a few times. Maybe the 3g connection was having hiccups. You came through fine which is what matters!

  • This is getting serious! Keep up the good work guys!

    I’ll check this out later to see if you listened to my advice ;p

  • Great job as always guys, love that casual feel.

  • Just got this email you guys might like, lol.
    Here is the title “Get a Glimpse of Hulk Hogan at E3”

    What: Meet Hulk Hogan!!! Camera crews are welcome.

    When: Tuesday, June 7th

    1:30pm –2:00pm

    Where: Catch up with Hulk as he makes his way through the lower concourse between South and West Halls

    I’ll to take a photo at least if we have time.

  • Oly

    OMG we gotta get Hulk on the podcast! lol

    Eddie you were eating weren’t you? lol

  • lol no…no I wasn’t.

  • Ace

    Hmmm guess we don’t have any listeners….lol. Guess no one wants free ps3blog points.

    • People may have missed it due to all the news lately. I’ll sticky it on Saturday for a while.

  • Oly

    Need a way to get more people listening..

    I’m so going to see if I can get Hulk Hogan to do a Shout out!!

  • Oly: OMG we gotta get Hulk on the podcast! lolEddie you were eating weren’t you? lol  

    There were parts that I was trying to silently sneak crackers out of a box without making the plastic in the box make any noise XD. Then I tried to chew silently away from the mic. Though I did hear someone open up a beer! I believe.

  • Sinlock

    Sound Byte is from…..

    The death sound from PacMan.

  • Damn i just finished listening to the show and i came to post just that. Grats on the point Sinlock.

  • Ace

    Sinlock: Sound Byte is from…..The death sound from PacMan.  

    Congratulations Sin!!! It only took 6 damn days for someone to win LMFAO!

    Grondinm: Damn i just finished listening to the show and i came to post just that. Grats on the point Sinlock.  

    You know what? Just because you listened to the show, I’ll send some point your way as well!

  • thanx Ace looking forward to the next show

  • Sinlock

    Once I get the new house up and running I hope to become more active on the blog again.
    What setup are you using for the podcast?

  • Jay

    We use Skype and a recording program I forgot the name to. Would be nice if everyone had a good headset, though lol