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Growing up with PlayStation. |

Since E3 2011 is upon the game industry. I wanted to touch up on a subject relative to the site. The PlayStation. Over the years, it had proven itself as the gaming console of choice for many individuals. It was the first system to have state-of-the-art graphics advancement, brought Blu-ray to households worldwide, and it also gave us record breaking games such as the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid series. Below you will find a chart highlighting a couple of fun facts and also a timeline all the way to last years PlayStation Move peripheral. With the dawn of the NGP, who knows what Sony will give us at E3 2011 next week? One thing is certain; We’re growing up PlayStation! 15 years of entertainment going strong!

  • i like these stats

  • Paul,

    could you post a bigger image or the link? Everything is too small I almost can’t read it (:

  • Playstation has been a part of my life… but those of us a bit older started growing up with Atari and then with Nintendo. Sure, there’s a “PS generation” all around us but let’s not forget our roots. Just looking at the first party characters poll makes you realize how young Sony’s 1st party efforts really are…