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9 Comments Live Blogging at E3 2011 |

Myself, Oly, Eddie & Paul Fierce will be live blogging during E3 week. Eddie will be attending the Sony Press Event tomorrow. He’ll start live blogging around 11 am PST. The press event starts around 5 PM PST so check back here a little before then on June 6th to follow his coverage of that. But the Sony Press Event pre-show is from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM PT.

There will be a live ticker in the sidebar which won’t allow comments and will just show updates from us or mentions of us on Twitter. So if you have questions let us know and include @ps3blogdotnet in your tweet.

You can also post questions into the live blog itself embedded after the jump on this post. But we have to approve comments on the live blog one by one unless we allow you to post freely.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on it often as we will be posting a lot of updates while on the E3 Show Floor.

Here is a link to the mobile version for use on the go!

  • here’s hoping Sony announces something that’s worth a damn.

    **fingers crossed**

  • Oly

    Woohooo… I’m going to be at the Sony event as well.. I’ll fight my way in if I have to.. Eddie save me a seat!

  • FooBear408: here’s hoping Sony announces something that’s worth a damn.**fingers crossed**  

    I second that Brother!

  • Good luck Oly. You fought your way in last year though, haha.

  • Live blogging will be, well, live, all week ?

    FooBear: you’re not alone!

  • Yes, we will be there all 3 days of E3 and will be live blogging as long as our phone batteries last.

  • Will you be able to charge your phone while you are there?

  • Did you get a chance to see the new Hitman Trailer? do they have a playable demo on the floor?

  • We did see the new hitman trailer. Not playable on the floor though.