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[E3 2011] Battlefield 3 Launches October 25th |

EA has revealed that it will be releasing Modern Warfare 3’s biggest rival, Battlefield 3, on October 25th — two weeks before the new Call of Duty. Will this have an effect on either game’s sales? It looks like the latter part of the year will get pretty bloody. EA also released new multiplayer footage, it looks insane! Can’t wait for Battlefield 3! A beta was also confirmed for September, so, hold out a little longer for a battlefield 3 fix.
Keep in mind any videos during E3 will be embedded on the post itself, so, click the jump!

Battlefield 3: Operation Metro Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer:

Battlefield 3: E3 Frostbite 2 Features Trailer:

Man, don’t these trailers look frigging sweet!! Thoughts, opinions, or maybe you have a question? Leave a comment below!

  • A bunch of new trailers for the game are showing up!

    I’m particularly curious to see what will happen when this releases 2 weeks before CoD.

  • I have to say this will be right next to Uncharted 3 for GOTY. I don’t think MW3 is anywhere close, I won’t lie I was kinda falling asleep during the MW3 city gameplay lol

  • been watching the gameplay footage of today over and over again, this beast will be amazing, cannot wait.

  • Yes it looks amazing, but I want to see a console version! DICE have been avoiding showing this on a console and that is just getting me worried. Can any of you guys (attending E3) confirm if there is a playable demo for consoles?

  • I am very disappointed! I have stayed up all night watching BF3 Stream. I had to put up with the most annoying hosts i have ever seen, but there was not a single playable demo on a console.