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[E3 2011] LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers on Vita: Perfect Match |

If you’ve watched some of the gameplay demonstrations of the Vita during the conference, besides the obvious hit that will be Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a couple other titles were shown based on PS3 franchises, namely LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, the two games that really spearheaded the Play, Create, Share movement we’re starting to see from other developers. And I gotta say, these titles seem to be right at home on this handheld. Much more so than PSP. I would even go so far as to say that these versions of the games may very well be the best versions.

ModNation Racers was shown first, showing off much improved load times over the PS3 version. But that wasn’t the coolest bit. What really stood out was the use of the touchpad on the back and the touchscreen. You can literally draw out your track on the screen, and when you’re editing the track after drawing it out, you can easily use your fingers to create jumps, or raise or lower the background scenery/terrain. Although it looked a little jumpy, being able to do that is still a very intuitive way of editing tracks. You even have access to all of the creations from the PS3 version as well.

And then you have LittleBigPlanet. After seeing the trailer for this one, I was awestruck. It looks great (could pass as PS3 quality), and the new types of play mechanics available (that, from a gameplay standpoint, aren’t even possible on the PS3 titles) instantly makes this a must-have. From using the system’s tilt functionality to being able to play little board games with friends on the same screen, there’s a lot of possibilities as far as creativity goes, and I will definitely have to pick that title up upon release. Be sure to watch the videos below!

  • Won’t lie this looks sick!

  • Oly

    LBP on PSV .. RAD.. As I played, I realized that you are actually kinda playing along with the sackboy as if he were real, and you were helping him move along with your fingers… I’m going to write up a PSV hand on post I think… sooo good!

  • Well…….im gunna need one of these….hello preorder!!!

    this PSv looks sick as hell

  • LBP looks really cool indeed. I totally agree with Oly, it seems like those little creatures are real and you’re actively helping them inside their little world!

    Might not be for everybody, but it sure is great!

  • The touch panel integration of LBP was amazing.

  • Alright! I’m going to need $100 from everyone here so I can afford a Vita, games and 5-6 more PS3 game for the rest of the year. xD