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FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition – It’s Definitely In The Game! |

FIFA 12 is set to be unleashed in the autumn, and even though this isn’t a surprise to anyone, what is surprising is the fact that it is due to hit the shelves on the 30th of September, 2011.

Whether this date is officially the ‘final’ date or a current placeholder by EA, it is yet to be confirmed. As in previous years, a release date will more or less be confirmed in July. However, fans of the franchise will undoubtedly be eager to get their hands on the biggest iteration since FIFA 2008.

Sporting the character animation engine which has been used within the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3, the promotional material just proves how far this franchise has come since taking over the reigns from Konami.

Never mind your standard boxed version of FIFA; EA has announced a more mouthwatering edition which will be heading your way. Ever heard of the Ultimate Edition? Nope?

Let me give you a little more information to digest. EA announced the Ultimate Edition, which includes 24 Gold Card Pack downloads for the next 6 months. Yes, that’s half a year! 180 days!

Each month you’ll be able to redeem 4 Gold Card Packs in the Ultimate Team mode. The RRP for the Ultimate Edition currently is £54.99 – no doubt there will be other establishments looking to offer this product with a cheaper price tag come nearer the time of release.

I, for one, cannot wait to splash my cash on this iteration. It’s definitely in the game!

  • I never understood soccer video games. They don’t seem like a real soccer match.

  • No sure where Pedro is coming from there…but I personally can’t wait for this edition (thanx to you for the heads up on this Ultimate Edition…those 24 gold packs are MINE!)

    After everything they’ve done to this version, this is easily becoming one of my top 3 games this year (odd for me being a sports title, but I’m LOVING everything this is showing!)

    Can’t wait to have Dragba and Torres teaming up for league records!

  • @myk26

    I’m as excited as you are. I love my footy games and if you live in Europe, you can’t get away from it – you’re born into the game!

    This is the one everyone wants due to the major changes it’s had. Last time changes like these were made were in FIFA 2008, and that ensured the footy crown was stripped from Konami & PES.

  • Sadly, I live in the land of “Soccer”. But between my life revolving around it for over 30 years (coaching/playing), and good ol’ Fox Soccer channel, I get my fix just fine!

    ….and spelling my favorite strikers name wrong in my previous post was a bit disgraceful. -.-

  • Drogba is a good player. However, we have Stuart Holden playing for us. I’m a huge Bolton Wanderers fan. As we say, bolton born and bred! Lol