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[E3 2011] Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Announced |

Back when the Move came out, you could buy it bundled with a little piece of software called Sports Champions, which really helped showcase the accuracy of the Move. Well, Zindagi Games and San Diego Studio, the team behind the Move launch title, have announced another Move game, called Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, at Sony’s conference last night.

According to Sony, the game’s story revolves around an evil sorcerer, Morgrimm, that invaded Prince Edmund’s Castle to take over the kingdom with an army of undead skeletons. The hero, Prince Edmund, has also been transformed into a skeleton, but he is on a quest to stop the invasion and Morgrimm to get his kingdom back.

From what Oly mentioned in the Live Blog last night it seems to be an on-rails game, but the way you use different weapons is what really stood out. To help have more of a fun interface, rather than having to go through menus or an inventory system to select different weapons, most of the game is controlled by using certain gestures and simple button presses.

Swinging the Move allows you to swing your sword, of course. You hold the Move button to enable your shield. Reach behind you to grab an arrow to shoot distant enemies. And, of course, the coolest weapon: throwing stars. Throw them with the flick of a wrist while holding the T button and letting it go, like a Frisbee.

Given the cutesy art direction and the simplicity of the controls, it seems like a title more aimed toward a younger audience, but at least it doesn’t give the impression of a cheap game. Considering the accuracy of Sports Champions, this game should, at least, play well. As of this posting, no release date has been announced beyond this Fall.


  • Jay, is this going to be a retail game or is it a PSN title?

    A lot of games seem to be following this kind of style and gameplay, I think Sorcery (if I recall the name correctly) is something similar.

  • Well, it can’t be worse than Playstation Move Heroes, right? Let’s see what the hands-on previews have to say.

  • Oly

    I played it, and it was definitely “on rails”. It was dark, with lights flashing in the background from Jane’s Addiction on stage, and the game response was horrible. I’m sure it was due to the poor lighting and flashes of light, but I had a hard time even hitting guys with the sword, let alone use the bow. I’ll try and test it out again on the E3 floor under better conditions.

  • Jay

    yeah, flashing lights and reflective surfaces can really hurt the Move under the right circumstances. One of our members here had a problem like that. He had a glass coffee table in front of his couch, and the ball was reflecting off of it. Told him to cover it with a towel or something (because I suspected that that might be an issue) and after that, it worked perfectly.