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[E3 2011] My Bioshocks, let me show (and mention) them! |

An interesting piece of information we acquired during Sony’s E3 2011 press conference was how Bioshock Infinite on PS3 would be different from the 360 offering: thanks to the huge space available for developers on Bluray discs, and as a thank you for the support shown in the past to the franchise, all retail discs will include a free copy of Bioshock (the first one) for your entertainment! This is even greater news for me since I didn’t get a chance to play the DLC challenges before selling my copy of the original and now when I buy Infinite an extra $10 will get me several hours of entertainment AND even more trophies for my collection.

E3 2011 trailer after the jump.

What else will the PS3 version get? Well, we get Move support for Infinite (sorry, no support on the original Bioshock) which is great news since, having used such a control layout for the past few years, I can assure you that it makes way for a more natural and entertaining experience, one where you can just move your arm around to aim more quickly and immerse yourself in the environment presented. Now all I need is for them to announced what we’ll get on the Collector’s Edition (really liked what I got with my Bioshock 2 CE purchase) as well as a price point so we can start saving.

As for the “mention” part up there in the title to this post? Ken Levine decided they HAD to announce that work on a NEW Bioshock game for the PS Vita has started and that more news are soon to come. How soon? Not soon enough apparently. They will focus on Infinite for the short term and let us know when the trailer for the Vita version is available. Great way to tease us!

So, what do you think about your free game with purchase?

  • Really liked the free game. I haven’t played Bioshock (1 and 2) and I’m very attracted by this new title, so I’m feeling inclined to give the first ones a go and this seems like a good opportunity.

    I liked the fact the “trailer” is actually made completely out of in game footage, that shows they’re serious about polishing everything in it and are not spending precious time making some cinematic trailer to fool everyone. With that said, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t make a mesmerizing trailer like everyone else does ;p

  • @Pedro: Yep, in-game footage is always welcome. As much as I like pre-rendered trailers, when they show the actual game it allows me to see if I should pre-order or not.

  • love the trailer can’t wait for the game. gotta love devs who are not so greedy. giving us a free game is greatly appreciated.

  • @Grondinm: Yep. Free Bioshock is essentially a free $20 game and we really can’t complain about that.

  • I haven’t played the first two Bioshock titles but I’ve heard many good things about them…

  • @Markus: Now you can get Bioshock Infinite at launch, play with your free copy of Bioshock, buy Bioshock 2 RIGHT NOW for only $10 and enjoy the whole trilogy for only $70.