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A Bunch of Trailers for Vita Titles |

With the official name announcement, and the price to go along with it, Sony has promised that the Vita will be hitting all major territories by the end of the year (as mentioned through this FAQ (which, in itself, has quite a bit of information). Reading between the lines, this was an interesting one, as it sounds like it could be a possibility in the future:

Q: Why didn’t you introduce stereoscopic 3D (without glasses) to PS Vita?
A: In the development process, we studied the possibility of introducing stereoscopic 3D feature to PS Vita, but decided not to install it. After careful consideration of our goal of offering users the ultimate portable entertainment experience with revolutionary user interface, we have decided to focus on the features and spec announced first.

Then again, I could be wrong and Sony might just be wording it bad. Anyway, the Vita is nothing without any titles, and the PSVita EU YouTube page has quite a few trailers and videos you can check out (after the jump; all of them are first party titles). A few of them are pretty cheesey, but that’s besides the point. In all, the trailers include Product Features, Developer Diary, ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet (both of those I already posted), the E3 trailer, WipEout 2048, Top Darts, Super Stardust Delta, Smart As, Reality Fighters, Little Deviants, Hustle Kings, and Everybody’s Golf/Hot Shots Golf.

Keep in mind, these are all EU trailers (except Uncharted). Personally, I got a kick out of Reality Fighters. Also, sorry of this post kills your internet :P.

  • I for one will not be purchasing the NGP. I’m not impressed. Seems like a lot of hype.

  • all of this looks crazy. Wait does Vita come out sometime in december of this year?? gamestop has it listed.

  • Jay

    I would assume October-December. You know, when all those other awesome games come out

    Also, given the guys’ impressions at E3, it’s the best handheld ever. Eddie said it puts his 3DS to shame lol

  • I just hope it doesn’t become a mini-game platform. And honestly, that’s probably the most difficult thing about managing handheld consoles, specially with the increase of phone based games.

    On the other hand, developers might not feel it’s economically viable to develop an AAA title for a handheld console… It’s a big dilemma really, also a cycle. Hope it turns out for the best. Here’s hoping for a great future for this newly born PS venture.

  • Yes i will definitly will be purchasing the Vita, brilliant name by the way. I see it as bring new “LIFE” to the playstation brand. I will be getting the wifi only version, $249.99 is an great price to compete with the 3ds plus all the stuff it can do just amazes me even more. When i saw Uncharted:GA i thought i was looking at Uncharted 3. Man so much stuff coming this year, my wallet will be hurting by the end of the year.

  • One more thing off topic. These points i get for logging in and posting, what r they for.

  • Nothing in those trailers, other than the system itself, to even make me consider a purchase. What else is there other than Uncharted?

  • EdEN: Nothing in those trailers, other than the system itself, to even make me consider a purchase. What else is there other than Uncharted?  

    I think they haven’t shown anything related to other titles (namely resistance and killzone) only uncharted and lbp.

    Nothing to show yet?

  • “the Vita is nothing without any titles”

    just gonna post a throwback from many years ago 😀

    “We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn’t have games.”

    ….hey I didn’t say it David Reeves did :p

  • EdEN: Nothing in those trailers, other than the system itself, to even make me consider a purchase. What else is there other than Uncharted?  

    First off…I need to say “told you so” about the price 😛

    LBP – probably the most intuitive version of LBP for either console or handheld yet. Adds several control schemes to the game.

    Little Deviants – A collection of some of the funnest mini games ever to be had.

    Uncharted – It is exactly Uncharted. No differences. It takes a litttle to learn to control bc I think the analog stick is sensative.

    I played these games, they are every bit as amazing as people are saying. The transfarring, cloud game saves, shared map packs with the console version, cross platform multiplayer and cross game voice chat…system is better then some consoles…