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[E3 2011] NFS: The Run Trailer Shows Game’s Intensity |

E3 showed off some PS3 gameplay for Need for Speed: The Run at E3 this year, and it is rather obvious from the trailer that it’s taking the series in a completely different direction. It starts out pretty standard, with the main character getting involved in a street race. After causing one opponent to wreck, you continue on with the race, until you’re side-swiped by a couple cops.

After an on-foot chase (yes, you read that right, but I don’t think you control it outside of a QTE here and there), you hide in an alleyway, where more policemen are searching for you. After one leaves, you round the corner, fight the other officer, and then steal the cruiser, where your new goal is to now escape the city. Though your escape is set on a linear path, bullets from the PD’s helicopter bounce off of you, threatening to kill your vehicle.

Eventually, you make it to the train yard, and wreck after the helicopter shoots a tanker and causes it to explode. The car is flipped on a train track, and now you have to escape before the train runs you over. More QTEs take place, but, in the video, the main character manages to escape before the train hits him. I am sure if he didn’t make it in time, it would have been game over.

Is a lot of this ridiculous and make-believe? Yes, especially helicopters firing rounds with a busy city chasing a criminal. But is it intense? Yes. With that said, I’ll have to keep my eye on this one and see what it has in store. Until then, I’m not quite sure if I like the on-foot sections or not, let alone the abundance of QTEs. Especially for what is essentially a racing game series.

To see the 7 minute gameplay demonstration, check it out below!

  • This was on my watch list going into E3, its looking great, cant wait to get it

  • I can’t wait for it, but the sad thing is ima have to let it go since i have to get Batman BF3 and UC3 1 week after the other.

  • To be honest, I think this game is a lot of of wasted potential.

    Didn’t like any of the QTE at all… a shame.

  • Think the last NFS game I played was Underground 2, and I didn’t like it at all.