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Diablo III Hiring PS3 Specialist |

A great news for all hack and slash lovers and more so to those who specially appreciate Diablo (and perhaps don’t own a super awesome gaming rig). Blizzard is hiring a “Senior Software Engineer” to be working exclusively for Diablo III development on the PS3. Amongst the qualifications, at least one AAA PS3 title is required. Job responsibilities include:

  • Design, implement, and maintain game systems to work on the PlayStation 3.
  • Identify previously unknown issues and offer solutions.
  • Be responsible for various systems including the game engine, audio, physics, tools pipeline, etc.
  • Work closely with game design to ensure a great player experience.

I’m particularly excited about this, as I don’t have an awesome gaming PC and I also think this would work great on consoles.

  • ah love diable 2 still play it at times. Hopefully this happens would love to try it

  • i heard something a while back that blizzard said it would not be doing Diablo 3 on the ps3 but they might do something diablo themed for it. i am glade this has changed. Can’t wait to hack and slash away on my PS3

  • Diablo is for the pc as uncharted is for the ps3. Ill get it on pc and ps3 but pc will be the place to enjoy the game for more then 10yrs. Diablo 3 specs are not high btw. $50 video card will run it. Good post!

  • Certainly this is a PC title, but I wouldn’t ignore the console option so fast.

    I actually think Diablo would be great on consoles, I think the dualshock would be a nice fit to the in-game controls and possibly make it more accessible for the broader audience. My only concern is to how the multiplayer would be, I wonder if something like would happen.

    If this comes out for PS3 I’ll get it, but probably I’ll get the PC version too (specially because it’ll most definitely come out earlier).

  • Couldn’t get into Diablo 2. Yet I loved Baldur’s Gate. Weird.

  • GeneticMania: Couldn’t get into Diablo 2. Yet I loved Baldur’s Gate. Weird.  

    I think those are two very different games, it isn’t weird at all.