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Read Our LA Noire Double Review, Find the Clues, Win a Shirt! |

At long last, we finally got around to doing this quick giveaway. Unlike other giveaways, this one is a bit different as far as how to enter goes. Basically, it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts. A very small one, but one clue always leads to the next.

Anyway, we are giving away a total of three shirts (pictured on the left), all of which are Large. The first three to successfully find all the clues and follow the instructions will win them. Remember, this is open to anyone to enter, regardless of region (unless, of course, your country is weird and doesn’t allow contests).

To begin, the first clue is hidden somewhere within the review. If people have a hard time finding the clues, or we haven’t given away all the shirts, we’ll do hints every three days or so.

  • Oly

    Woohoo.. fun fun

  • Is this supposed to be easy or hard?

    Pretty cool way to make a giveaway!

  • Jay

    depends on the person. I think out of all of them, the second one is the hardest, but overall, I’d have to say easy to moderate

  • Luke

    Wooh! Awesome T-shirts. How do I score myself one of these bad boys?

  • Jay

    lol Luke

  • Oly

    Luke: Wooh! Awesome T-shirts. How do I score myself one of these bad boys?  

    Maybe u can win one on your own site.. GET LOST! 😉

  • Oly

    I’m on the last one!

  • Jay

    Both Kane and Oly figured it out, but Kane opted to not get the shirt and did it for fun. Oly is our first winner! Two more left!

  • Oly

    Woohoo.. great job on this Jay was tons of fun.. and rather challenging

  • What? I can’t even find the first clue!

  • LOVE the idea of this…but it’s bound to have one huge down side. Cause like Pedro, I came up empty. Read the first review word for word (again, since the first posting) and couldn’t come up with anything out of the ordinary.

    Which leads to my down side (and the reason I never picked this game up), some guys are just natural at picking this up. I myself, couldn’t find a clue unless someone took a highlighter to it.

  • lol just read both reviews, no idea where the clues are or what I’m even looking for.
    the closest things I could find was “give you a much broader look” lol because the t-shirts are a large. but anyway a few hints would be nice…

  • Figured out the first one, but now I’m a stuck with the second ¬¬

  • yeah, second has me stumped as well. that is, I can’t find the second clue.

  • haha was good fun doing this brill idea

  • Honestly I can’t find the clue on the 2nd one either and I know what it is, lol. I am just horrible at those ..