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DICE Responds to Battlefield 3 Controversy |

Battlefield 3 banner outside E3 2011. Photo by Paulfierce

Here we have it. I have been a firm believer of retailer specific pre-order content since day one. I mean as a company why not? it extends your sales, your revenue, and not only that, it also garners you exclusives that no other retailer has. However there is such a trend now that publishers seem to abuse. The exclusivity of pre-order content per retailer. Looks like gamers are starting to wise up finally and are threatening to protest the Electornic Art’s upcoming Battlefield 3 game.

Followers and gamers were outraged when EA announced that some of the games DLC will only be available specifically to certain retailers as pre-order incentives, and that most of us have to pay for the content. To set aside confusion Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager of DICE, has posted a letter to gamers that all of the content from the Physical Warfare Pack DLC will be available to everyone for free later this year.

Read the official response here.

  • What can you do? People are stupid.

  • Agreed. This is such a waste of time. If DICE to release a special content pack exclusively for some retailers I am certain it won’t unbalance the game. This rage display how narrow minded people can be!

  • I didn’t get it… isn’t that what everyone else is doing? I mean, RDR for example “just” released the pre-order bonuses as a purchasable DLC on the PSN.

    I’m sure there are others doing the same thing. Why such a reaction now?

    What’s different about this?