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[E3 2011] Journey Interview |

I managed to get a interview with Brian Singh, who is a technical game designer at thatgamecompany. This was a impromptu interview, so it’s not very organized & it was loud in the room. So I apologize for that.

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I didn’t get a chance to play the demo before they started to close things down. But it did watch somebody play most of the demo. The demo starts with a low view of the desert and you can see the sand crystals sparkle and it’s a very stunning visually. When you walk around on the desert it reacts kind of like water, it ripples when you go past it. Instead of me just rambling on, I’ll just let the interview above explain it in more detail. But it’s going to be a must buy for me. It looks like another winner from thatgamecompany.

  • Awesome stuff mate. I have been waiting for this game for quite a while now. It has this unique atmosphere and amazing gameplay. It will be a PSN only release. From what I read earlier, you will be able to meet other players along your journey and you can choose to travel with to your destination, or just go solo. This will be an outstanding experience for everyone. I am just waiting for the official release date.

  • Sounds… er, interesting. Couldn’t hear everything he was saying do to the music. So is it an RPG?

  • mm I assume you’ve never played flOw of Flower huh? No, it’s not a RPG.

  • @Tosh: I pay almost no attention to arcade games, or to the PSN store in general.

  • Ya I can tell..

  • lol, other than getting on Adhoc to play Monster Hunter with Jason 2 weeks ago, I haven’t touched my ps3 since 3 weeks before PSN went down. I have no games to play, no money to buy the games and no job to get the money. Nobody is hiring in SC.

  • Great interview. I really liked flower so I’m looking forward to review this by the end of the year.

  • Been waiting for game for a while.

  • The Beatles? The song in the background is California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & the Papas.

    Great interview Tosh.

  • This game really has me hooked on it’s visuals. And everything I hear about it just makes me want to play it even more.

    Of all “artsy” PSN titles this is the one I’m most looking forward to.

    I always like interviews, gives a more personal feel to the articles.