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[Giveaway] StarDrone |

First off be sure to review EdEN’s review on StarDrone. Secondly we managed to get 6 StarDrone codes for the US PSN Store to giveaway on! You can enter in multiple ways. Using your points, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. See details on how to enter below. But you must be a member of since we contact the member via private message. If your not a member you can register here.

Entry Details

  • [Worth up to 2 Entries] Click the button above to buy lottery entries with points earned on You can purchase up to 2 tickets. Each ticket is 150 each, please donate only once a day. Here are all the possible ways to earn points.
    • After you donate, refresh the page to see your entry in the list on the right. On the left, you can see your chance of winning the lottery, points spent on the lottery, and how many times you entered the lottery.
      Note: This does not take into account entries made outside of
  • [Worth 2 Entries] Become a Facebook Fan and reply to this update with a link to your Profile. Be sure to like Beatshapers on Facebook too! Since they are providing the codes for this giveaway.
  • [Worth 2 Entries] Follow @ps3blogdotnet & @Beatshapers on Twitter and tweet the whole message below then post a link to your tweet in the comments below.

    Follow @ps3blogdotnet @Beatshapers & retweet for a chance to win StarDrone from! 6 Winners! More ways to win

  • [Worth 1 Entry] Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and post a comment below with your YouTube username.

So in total you could have up to 7 entries in this giveaway. Make sure you get all of your entries in. Again, please post a comment on this blog post with a link to your tweet & YouTube Username. This will make it MUCH easier for me to manage all these entries. If you don’t do this, your entry will not count.

You have until June 28th, Midnight MST to get your entries in.
We will pick a winner at random on June 29th.


  1. Ajescent

    Ajescent!!! (on youtube)

  2. ajescent you need to link to your YouTube, did you even read the post ?

  3. YouTube: OmgahPip (I subscribed)
    My twitter is @ItSPirrip
    Facebook: Philip J Bond (I commented)

  4. already left a message on the fb page!

  5. I cant stress how cool this game is. I have it. The winner will be very happy. Fun game.

  6. I think the twitter and the youtube entries thing needs to stop, not evreyone uses twitter, personally I have no use for it nor any interest in ever using it, and the same applies to youtube, i use you tube but not everyone wants to put that much effort into it, or even have the means. Puts people at a large disadvantage

    just a thought, but good luck to everyone, I hear this is a great game, and if jason likes it, damn its gotta be good, he only likes monster hunter lol!

  7. huh the contest ends the day before my birthday lol
    might have to try my luck on this one

  8. Thanks entered πŸ™‚
    FB: Ray Del Pilar commented

  9. Darklurkr23

    Thanks again! I hope I can pull the Double XD

  10. jwhyrock: dude I forgot how to show a link to my tweet

    Click the date text under your tweet.

  11. Darklurkr23

    Twitter -!/Darklurkr23/status/83039548841541632

    Crossing Fingers

  12. jwhyrock

    my comment didn’t post. Let’s try again:!/jwhyrock/status/83047947306151936

    thx Tosh (sorry for being whiny)

  13. Ajescent

    I did read the message and I am “Ajescent” on Youtube so…

  14. Link to your YouTube profile would be preferred, but I know who you are so your fine πŸ™‚ No worries.

  15. WOOoooo HOOOOooooo!!!! I came in my office from a grueling day out on the job site to find out the GREAT NEWS!

    Thanks a bunch guys! I’ll be looking forward to getting home this evening!

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