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Back To The Future Episode 3 Review |

Time travel: changing history and destroying timelines since 1985 (give or take a few centuries due to anomalies inherent to the subject mater).

Every story has a beginning and a second act, so now we must make ends meet (or not meet… or be but not be) and savor the present as tomorrow is closer than we initially expected and you never know when things will change at the drop of a hat.. or was it a shoe?

Anyway, on with the show!

Doc went “Poof” as soon as we got back to 1986 … and “Poof” is never a good sign! As we enter Hill Valley we realize that a new timeline has been created and nothing is the same as when we left. It’s not even slightly similar to the one created after all that happened at the end of episode 1 of our adventure. Doc is no more and in his place there’s a new scientist in town: First Citizen Brown. He sounds the same as Doc, but that’s where the similarities end as he walks, acts and behaves in a very, very different manner. Here, see for yourself:

Who is the first person that Marty runs into in this new timeline? His girlfriend Jennifer. Well, at least she USED to be his girlfriend here but all the changes to Hill Valley have seriously changed how she’s turned out in this 1986 voyage. As a quick trivia insight, Jennifer is voiced by Claudia Wells, the actual person that portrayed her on the first Back to the Future movie (character was later done by Elisabeth Shue on parts 2 and 3 due to personal reasons). Here’s proof of how things went down:

How has this timeline come to be? Well, the answer comes from another question: what would happen if Edna Strickland and Doc Brown started dating back in 1931, right after Marty left for the future, and they eventually got Married? The answer is: Doc would be awesome (he IS still Doc even if only deep, deep down) and Edna would have a tight grip on what society can and cannot do based on her own “moral compass”… so basically people can’t do anything fun at all.

Marty needs to talk to Citizen Brown to try and convince him about who he really is (Brown remembers you as someone else since you’ve never really “met” on this timeline) and what needs to be done to fix things… and, as always, this set out a huge chain reaction of fun situations you have to traverse to get to your goal. One of the things that really needs to be addressed is the “relationship” between Marty and his girlfriend and how one of the situations you need to take care of made me wonder: Marty seems a bit TOO comfortable with THIS Jeniffer, don’t you think? If she’s, in theory, Jennifer B and Marty is dating Jennifer A back in the original timeline… is he cheating? Technically she’s the same person, right? Leave your comment below and let me know what you think about it!

What is so different over at Hill Valley this time? After watching the trailer you can see how it has basically turned into the Brown’s own little piece of Heaven… or has it? This is Edna’s ideal world and that can NEVER be good news. The old hag! There is no access to booze, there can be no public displays of affection, you have to keep to a pre-established schedule, no dogs are allowed on the streets and you’re required to wear a color coded uniform depending on what day of the week it is. So how is life in this perfect Utopia? It sucks, big time. How can this much perfection be maintained in place? It really can’t as we’ll find out 20 minutes into the game.

Will Marty be able to solve this problem without tearing apart the time continuum or erasing himself from existence? You’ll have to play Episode 3 to find out!


Telltale has perfected the formula
Always fun to go back to Hill Valley
A bit more slow paced than the other episodes

Published by Telltale Games
Developed by Telltale Games

Cost – $19.99 (Full season pass)

Available on PSN

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– Game was completed before writing this review.
– Total amount of time played: 2 and a half hours.
– This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Back To The Future Episode 3 provided by Telltale Games.

  • I love Tell Tale Games. They need to make another strong bad game.

  • @The_Nmac: Tell me about it. Only Telltale game I don’t own is Bone and that’s only because I’ve been to lazy to order it. A second season of Strong Bad would be great news indeed since the first one was such a blast.

    I imagine you laready bought a season pass for Back to the Future: The Game then?

  • @EdEN: I am waiting a bit before I get back to the future. If past games are any indication I will get sucked into it. I must platinum L.A. Noire, which in a lot of ways to me at least is GTA + a telltale adventure game.

    Plus I hate completing it in 3 hours then waiting a month for the next episode. Wait till the season is done get it for $20 bucks discounted and play them all in a row.

  • When I finally decided to get this, I discovered there wasn’t enough funds on my wallet ¬¬

    Then I was sad. This is your fault Eden.

  • @The_Nmac: Yep, that could work but since right now you could already be playing 4 of the 5 episodes of Back to the Future AND it’s already set at the low, low price of $19.99 on PSN… that’s 12 hours of gaming right there. Episode 5 SHOULD be out in two weeks on PSN so waiting could be the choice you take. If you do want it, there’s a link over there in the review to some PSN cards or the actual game itself to make it easier!

  • @Pedro: Hehehe. Well, time to get another $20 PSN Card!