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inFAMOUS 2 Now Available for Download on PSN |

The full inFAMOUS 2 game is now available for download on PSN.
“If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can play up to 60 minutes of the full game for free as a trial and even earn in-game Trophies (Trophies will be realized after purchasing the full game). The cost for the game will be $59.99. Visit the New Releases category on PlayStation Store to download the game today! If you aren’t familiar with the inFAMOUS series, you can now also download the original inFAMOUS game for free on PSN as part of the “Welcome Back” program. For more information, please visit”
Source: Official PS Blog

Update: The file size is 15GB.

  • the game is already on sale now for around $40-$50. Its kinda dumb buying it full price now with no way to resale it later.

  • @dragon290513 depends on where you live. If you lived in Brazil like I do you’d appreciate even $60 games because the average price is $110 at least.

  • following that thought, I personally don’t like to get digital copies of retail games, I prefer to have the physical media and everything that comes with it.

  • What size (Gb) is the game on the PSN ?

  • @Pedro: Is the game being sold digitally in your region? And is it cheaper than the physical medium?

    I’m with dragon; it’s not only cheaper to buy the disc, but the disc holds value and can be loaned to a friend. And I presume that the disc install takes up less space on the HDD. Sony is apparently trying to tap the (ubiquitous?) “my blu-ray drive is broken!” market. Or the accessibility market, I suppose; I mean, if you physically couldn’t change discs out of the drive, then this would be nice.

  • @Pedro: Did the CEO of Activision decide the prices in your country? He still wants games to cost $100 everywhere.

  • @premieresoupir Actually, games are not sold digitally in Brazil because we don’t have access to a local PSStore, it’s being said in should be available on October or something, but no words yet on the prices.

    The only way to get that kind of content is trough a different account with a different region. I own a US account for that. So basically I pay for those games or add-on contents in dollars as opposed to reais (Brazilian money), also, no taxes.

    Basically the games in US cost $60 (dollars) and in Brazil they cost R$200 (reais) which is equivalent to approximately $110 (dollars). Which means the physical media is more expensive, but it’s more because of the way we’re able to get the digital copy. Possibly when the BR PSStore is available the pricing will be equivalent.

    @GenecticMania lol dude, no, I don’t think so. It’s just some crazy taxes law regarding console games, PC games are way cheaper.

  • Ceidz: What size (Gb) is the game on the PSN ?  

    I’m curious about this as well. I’m playing the first one right now.

  • Oly

    File size is a whopping 15GB..
    Post updated!

  • i just platinum the game 30 mins ago.

  • dragon290513: the game is already on sale now for around $40-$50. Its kinda dumb buying it full price now with no way to resale it later.  

    This is normal bud. All new games are $39.99 at target 1 week after release. Then they go back to full price and back even lower. its a normal practice. If you are paying $60 for a game your paying too much

  • Personally I would prefer to get a retail copy of the game over a digital download. I feel that way about most games especially when paying full price. I think that when you download it digitally they should be cheaper as there are no production costs, shipping, or any costs associated with the game once it goes gold.