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19 Year Old Arrested For Using PlayStation 3 To Make Bomb Threats |

According to a news report in Japan. A 19 year old unemployed Japanese man threatened to blow up a train station for reasons unknown. What is known however is that the man used his PlayStation 3 to write the message in Japanese bulletin board.

Authorities traced the man’s IP address and they discovered that he used his PlayStation to write and send the message. The threat read “”Tomorrow, I will blow up Hiroshima Station.” The next day, he was arrested.

Source: Nikkasports Japan

  • So let me get this right…he was using the web browser in his PS3 to post on a Forum..and he decided to post bomb threats…i don’t see how the fact he used his PS3 contributed or took away from this story. I never once heard of someone posting dumb stuff on the internet and thought to myself, “I wonder if he was using PC, Linux, or Mac? Firefox, IE, Safari, or Chrome?”

    I was playing Black Ops with my buddy on Live and some guy threatened to rape my sister after I tomahawked him in Sticks and Stones…where is the news for that? I think the PS3 has been getting a bad rap in the news recently and too many people are focusing on the negative, but I guess that’s what sells.

  • Wow. Sony really needs to hurry and get the PSStore back online in Japan.

  • The PSN store is not back online in Japan yet? Wow.

  • Why couldn’t he just jump infront of a train and kill himself like a normal disgruntled Japanese Teen?