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Kenshi Arrives for ‘Mortal Kombat’ July 5th |

The Skarlet DLC has been up for a week. Now, prepare your self for the second DLC to be released this summer: Kenshi, which will be available for Mortal Kombat on July 5th. Yes, this will probably cost you another $5, but If you have the Season Pass, you’ll get him automatically!

  • How much for the Season Pass?

    I had not heard about it untill now.


    The season Pass is only for Xbox Live owners. it costs 1200MP. Unfortunately PS3 owners have to pay 4.99 for each character DLC …

  • Pedro

    You should write that on the post you know… you gave me unrealistic expectations ):


    lol I know mate, I was going to add this info, but the post was already on the page. Better double check before pressing the submit button next time. honest mistake for a first news post! =)

  • Why the hell doesn’t PSN get a Online Pass. I want them all, why can’t I get a bundle damn it! Also Kenhi looks pretty fun! Not as combo crazy as Skarlett, but still a nice add! Every great fighter heeds a Telekinetic Ninja! (Ermac doesn’t count XD)