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Kenshi Arrives for ‘Mortal Kombat’ July 5th |

The Skarlet DLC has been up for a week. Now, prepare your self for the second DLC to be released this summer: Kenshi, which will be available for Mortal Kombat on July 5th. Yes, this will probably cost you another $5, but If you have the Season Pass, you’ll get him automatically!


  1. How much for the Season Pass?

    I had not heard about it untill now.

  2. The season Pass is only for Xbox Live owners. it costs 1200MP. Unfortunately PS3 owners have to pay 4.99 for each character DLC …

  3. You should write that on the post you know… you gave me unrealistic expectations ):

  4. lol I know mate, I was going to add this info, but the post was already on the page. Better double check before pressing the submit button next time. honest mistake for a first news post! =)

  5. Why the hell doesn’t PSN get a Online Pass. I want them all, why can’t I get a bundle damn it! Also Kenhi looks pretty fun! Not as combo crazy as Skarlett, but still a nice add! Every great fighter heeds a Telekinetic Ninja! (Ermac doesn’t count XD)

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