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PSP Dual packs are a steal |

Sony has introduced PSP dual packs which retail for $14.99 and are also on the PSN Store digitally as well which is great for Go users. The first set to be released as of this week are Secret Agent Clank and Daxter; Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Killzone Liberation; and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo.

That is a heck of a deal. I would like to see them offer the 2 God of War games at that price.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

  • they should do this for the PS3.

    it’s kind of obvious PSP stuff is getting major price cuts, the end of the line draws near.

  • umm they have done it for ps3 for awhile now. Sadly not where your at if you arent aware of it. They also bundle shooters as well here in classic packs. Shooter classic pack etc. Sony also announced some other new bundles with uncharted and resistance at a small price. Surprised nobody posted it.

  • The move bundles I’ve seen here, but they’re too expensive… I don’t know if the UC bundle will be coming this way.

  • Darklurkr23

    You got to love Bundles. I>E GOW, Resistance, RE, Dragonage, ETc. I’m wondering how though if this is just a “firesale” of PSP titles that are overstocked. With the Vita coming out, you’d think SOny is starting the mass clearance move like most companies due when new stuff is coming out. I’m wondering Vita can play classic PSP and PSP Go right?