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Official Batman: Arkham City Box Art Revealed |

Here is the official box art for Batman: Arkham City that will be released October 18, 2011. I think it looks a little plain. Needs something more to spice it up a bit. What do you think?

  • looks worse than the placeholder one, the blood on his fist looks like bad photoshop.

  • Pedro

    I think it looks a little too plain as well. Arkham Asylum had that sinister look to it, this just feels bland by comparison.

  • Yea Thumbs Down. I’d rather it be him standing in that SAME posistion with a bunch of thugs in trashcans upside down and hang up with rope in the background. Would be funnier to with the “IM FING BATMAN” look to it. Hope the game is better then the cover


    I have to disagree guys. I think the simplicity of the black and white with a touch of red implements the dark knight idea. Its simple and plain bad ass! Personally, I would say that this cover looks better than arkham asylum. I also like the Wayne Enterprises logo in the back.

  • I agree with Cheeto. I approve.

  • With Catwoman being playable she should have been on the cover as well. I see the art style they are going for just not quite there. It will still be a great game.

  • Nude cat woman would sell more 🙂

  • Pedro

    i don’t think catwoman should be on the cover.

    there could be some sort of allusion to the character but honestly, however cliche it’s a game without the protagonist on the cover would be a very strange choice of marketing.


    I think Rubin is a playable character as well! Should he be on the cover? NO! This is My batman time!

  • Pedro

    Robin is a playable character but only as a special content for pre-orders from gamestop if i’m not mistaken. Robin is like Joker in Arkham City.

    However I don’t know if catwoman plays a part in story.