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PlayStation Plus Birthday Bonus Offer |

Celebrating the first PlayStation Plus birthday, Grace Chen “Director of PlayStation Store”, announced a PlayStation Plus Limited time offer that will run until July 11th. “Buy one year package, get 3 bonus months. Buy 3 months package, get 1 bonus month”. As a quick recap, here is all that PS+ has offered in the past year:

  • More than 50 Free Games
  • Over 100 Free DLC Items (Add-ons, Avatars, Themes)
  • 170+ Discounts
  • Over 100 Exclusives and Early Access items
  • $800+ in Savings

Will you being renewing your PlayStation Plus?

  • I imagined they would do that since they can now get 30-40% of the people that liked their first month to go “well, at $3 a month, why not?”.

  • and I was going to buy the 1 year package a few days back, thank god I didnt.


    I got the welcome back package, but Sony didn’t deliver. This month (the welcome back package month) was, by far, the worst regarding PSN content. That was just plain bad advertisement on Sony’s side …

  • I’m reaaally tempted to buy PS Plus. But I have such a big backlog right now I just can’t do it. Seriously though if you don’t have a big $$ fund to spend on games, this is such a great service though.