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Uncharted 3 Beta Creepy Crawler Kickback Code + Points Giveaway |

We have 2 extra codes for the Uncharted 3 Beta Creepy Crawler Kickback pictured above. To enter leave a comment on what kind of kickback you’d like to see in Uncharted 3. Can be serious or silly. I prefer the later myself, get creative people.

Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, July 1st so get your comment in before the end of June. Each winner will also get 500 points which can be used for future giveaways or for gambling against other members.

  • Pedro

    Should do a first come first serve kind of contest. Those I always win ;p


    Pedro: Should do a first come first serve kind of contest. Those I always win ;p  

    I second that lol

  • I prefer something practical and played lots of CoD so something similar to the Blackbird would be nice. And I’m more interested in that 500 pts btw.

  • The thing I need the most is a Radar. And these maps are way too damn big! How Treasureport. Teleport to Treasure boxes!

  • I would love a voucher!
    How about a kickback that gives you a sword for a temporary amount of time that instantly kills enemies?


    let me give it a shot:

    Battlevoide – Drop dead for 5 minutes. Costs 1 Medal.

    Hidden treasure – Shove a treasure up your ass, Treasure will multiply as long as you are alive. Costs 12 medals.

    End of days – Release a cloud of unholy farts. Farts will spawn at random locations. Costs 3 medals.

    Rollover – Take cover. Lose your Ammo. Stay in cover for the rest of the match. Costs 4 medals.

    Friend or foe – Make a victory dance over you dead enemy body, lose your balls (for real). Costs 0 medals.

  • Punch-Out! – while the kickback is active (60 seconds) whenever an enemy hits you with a melee, you automatically steal/deplete all of his ammo. 6 medals

    Pidgeon- mark every enemy with and indicator over their heads for the next 40 seconds. 5 medals

  • Pedro

    Knock Out – Take enemies down with a single melee attack (15 medals)

    forgot we had to make one of those, I still don’t really understand how it works though… in game that is.

  • Megafire123

    Not Sure how it works. But. I’ll Try.

    Necro-Morph – Turn into a Undead Zombie for a Short time. (20 medals)

    Turbulence – Cause a Plane to randomly crash on the map killing people near and dropping loads of Weapons and Ammo. (25 Medals)

    Epic Mage – Turn into a spellcaster and be able to summon Demons and Use the elements to attack foes. (30 medals)

    Baby Maker – Turn everyone into a baby for a short time. (15 Medals)

    Fallout – Cause a Nuke to go off slowly killing everyone in the map besides your self. (30 Medals)

    Grim Reaper – Get a Scythe and Extra heath for the next 30 secs. And you can steal the souls of the people you kill for More heath. (15 Medals)

  • Can’t we just get a dog strike and they all look like the old naughty dog mascot?

  • O yea another thing. “Leave Me Alone” Any enemy that has killed you 3 or more times in a row deals 1/2 damage to you for the rest of the match

  • “Boom Goes The Dynamite” – this kickback affects everyone and you can only use grenades for 30 seconds

    “Disco Fever” – you get double the amount of points for whatever action you perform on another player only AFTER you “taunt” them

    “The Pain Train!” – is awarded only after you kill the same enemy every time – with every available weapon on the map

    “King Midas” – medal that you receive once the match ends if you successfully grab all treasures from all chests on the map

    that’s about all I can think of…

  • “The Invisible Man”- Cost of 20 medals: User becomes invisible for 30 seconds.

    “Juggernaut”- Cost of 15 Medals: User becomes invincible for 10 seconds.

    “Bombs Away”- User calls in an airstrike which bombs an area that the player is looking at.

  • Fifth of Whisky : after obtaining a 15 killstreak, screen becomes blurry. (illusion of being intoxicated)

  • The kamikaze robot Monkey : A remote controlled robot monkey that’s full of C4 that can also climb and be detonated when you get to your target. BOOM GOES THE MONKEY!

  • D is for Distraction : Daxter comes out and distracts all enemies for 10 seconds while dancing

    Drake Kart: All Characters turns into mini version of themselves while driving karts for 1 min

    All Gnades: Every character loses their weapons and only has unlimited grenades for 20 seconds

  • So far I am loving Uncharted Beta..Noticed the Creepy Crawler kickback, googled it and thats how I found you guys, so I signed up and will probably get addicted to your forum now..Anyways, I will give this ago as I so badly want this kickback lol

    Ghostly : You become a ghost for 30 seconds able to kill enemies without them seeing you. And if your team mate happened to pick up the weapon you wanted you can steal it from them without knowing. Cost 10 medals

    A funny one.. Flower Power: everyone wants a chance to make there enemies look as silly as possible. So how about a kickback that when you are near the enemy for 30 seconds when your kickback is activated instead of them being able to shoot and kill you and your team mates, they are turned into a peace loving hippy with no weapon and instead holds a flower. Cost 7 medals

  • *Breathes fire onto the above posters*


  • A

    Let’s see for boosters we’d have

    “False Hope” allows you to spawn a fake treasure that only shows up for the enemy at your current position. Vanishes after 30 seconds/if any actually touch it.

    “Leaching rounds” takes twice as long for enemies to start healing.

    “Bis” (or somethign more relevent, “Double Rainbow” perhaps…”) activate a X2 booster on yourself, any kills or medals you get for the next 30 seconds are doubled. BUT if smoeone kills you they gain the boost and the extra money you would have gotten instead. Current player with it activated is “Marked” with arrows pointing at them.

  • Hahaha Boom goes the Dynamite. I love that one XD

  • would have to be ET drop off, an alien spaceship hovers down and drops off 3 different treasure pickups, complely irrelevant to the gam but would be dead funny to see crypto (distroy all humans) drop off power ups lol

  • Uhh, Beta – Motion blur and choppiness for all your opponents.

  • they should one on that makes you like break out in a guitar solo that kills everyone on the map while they listen to you kick ass tunes

  • they should one on that makes you like break out in a guitar solo that kills everyone on the map while they listen to you kick ass tunes!!!!

  • oops… didnt mean to post again lol
    how about a kickback that levels a main structure it would be like 20 medals or something like that but everyone inside would count towards your kills that would be awesome

  • like a tactical nuke you say?

  • i like the idea of being able to turn into a zombie to that would be pretty cool

  • well not exactly a tactical nuke would kill anyone on the map im talking about just people inside of a chosen building that way its not completely over powered

  • The best kickback ever would be “The Mustache of Power”: You get Sully’s mustache and you can kick all the enemies asses , except of those who use the Sully skin . 😀

  • Call of Duty Kickback – Turn the game into a First-Person perspective and every enemie would be a zombie. (15 Medals)

  • Yea point aside, WHY can’t you go into First Person Mode in this game. I think it’d be nice like in Metroid Other M.

  • God of War kickback – kratos apears in front of all of the enemies and kill them all

  • and each time u use it kratos does different atacks

  • Metallica kickback – the band apears playing with instument-weapons killing everyone

  • Shambala kickback – u summon one of that blue guys from uncharted 2

  • Street Fighter kickback – u can perform HADOUKEN !!!

  • Haha some of these ideas are brilliant, made me laugh reading some of them. Good Luck everyone, and who ever gets the code, could you add me on psn by any chance so I can see the kickback in motion. Then you can see me full of envy that you gained the cool kickback 🙂

  • Hell use this kickback if you can play the game long enough for it not to freeze 30 times. Seriously tonight it froze FOUR TIMES on my PS3. I had to due an unplug to get it stop blinking! That can’t be good for the thing. Fix this with another patch Naughty Dog. I need more unlocks and I”m not comfortable playing the beta as is!

  • I have no problem with it at all, some people are bound to have problems after all it is a beta, this is why they release them to see what problems there are and fix it. But personally I think Naughty Dog have done a fantastic job, co-op is great fun. Not the same game all the time, mix it up. They have made it harder then Uncharted 2 co-op was, which is great as I love a challenge. The only thing I would say is that they only have male characters on UC3 Beta, being a female it would be nice to play a female character.


    Tosh: Picked 2 members at random and the winners are..  

    Congrats to the winners, use it wisely and always remember with great power comes … never mind.

  • Yeah congrats to them, but I dont see no comments from those two members?

  • Oh right sorry, new to this site. Didnt realise different names show. Congrats to you both, sure you will have lots of fun

  • Congrats guys. You better use that kickback! I don’t want to see no rocket launchers if I meet you in the beta (>>)

  • How rare is this thing? I haven’t seen it once on the Beta. Or does it just suck 😛