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HipHopGamer Claims BF3 is Outselling MW3 |

Battlefield 3 is outselling Modern Warfare 3, which is “definitely a first”. This was confirmed by GameStop insiders to Hiphop Gamer. Apart from that, news also has it that the retailer apparently has a standing order to push Battlefield 3 towards customers more than Modern Warfare 3. Looks like EA really is working hard to get those promotions and marketing rolling hard on the tracks.

  • Friends old man says “There is no way any other shooter will out sell CoD.” He’s a 360/CoD fanboy btw, he also hates BlackOps.


    I am sorry, but that Video was one of the most annoying things I have seen in a long, long time. May be the staff at that Gamestop store he mentioned is pushing the pre-orders for Battlefield 3 over MW3 because they simply believe that BF3 will add more to the table than the last three MW installments combined! Unless a reliable, well respected source comes forward and say something about this, I’ll have to say no thank you.

  • 5 things come to mind:

    1. No one listens to 50 cent anymore unless you’re some type of proper villain.

    2. Battlefield will outsell MW3 and I don’t need some dude with an overbite to reiterate that.

    3. That dude is about as gangsta as an Easter bonnet hat.

    4. I’m not exactly sure his opinion should counted for anything, because he’s got shit-all taste in furniture. What’s up with that dresser??

    5. He sounds like Cookie-Monster with down syndrome.

    I’m all done now.

  • What has ppl thinkin that BF3 will outsell MW3. It cant be past history cuz if i do recall the Call of Duty franchise has destroyed BF evry year. So what makes this yr so different. Is it cuz BF has better grahics or that it sounds more realistic or is that BF uses vehicles and CoD doesnt. People are so blinded, yes BF3 might and should be the better game out of the two but for ppl to say it will outsell what will become the best selling game hell the best selling franchise of all time are on crack. Im not a hater by no means but i hate ppl who are in denial. CoD:MW3 ftw!!!!!

  • I think the guy needs a wee. He’s constantly moving around – I do that when I need the loo 😉

  • 😮 You mean generic shooter “a” will outsell generic shooter “b”?!? Oh this is news!

    Not going to hate on Mr. Hiphop, his point about making money off the Name is dead on. I just fail to see (or care) the importance of anything outselling CoD.

    I’m just curious how CoD can pull out 2 decent titles (MW2 and Black Ops) and everyone thinks they’ve been king forever.

  • Plus, paperboy’s got his hat on the wrong way round and he ain’t got no bling bwoy!


    Ok – I’m getting hysterical.

  • Oly

    OMG it’s my Buddy Hip Hop!

  • Last time I listened to a black guy’s advice. I ended up in a crack house.

  • @PAUL FIERCE: And that’s bad.. HOW exactly?

  • @ EDEN.. it was bad because… THEY RAN OUT OF CRACK! lol just kidding.

  • I can hear and see the next hip hop hit.. MAKE MONEY OFF THE NAME.. INSTEAD OF THE GAME….

    that song is about to be platinum for reals! haha

  • Pedro


    I’ll be honest and say: I didn’t watch the video and went straight to the comments.

    Who cares about who cares about what game will outsell the other? hahaha

    I hope BF3 really does outsell MW3 because CoD SUCKS and nearly everyone (because I do have faith there might be a couple people who could be saved) that plays it suck too and are X360 fanboys!


    Seriously though, right now BF3 does look like the better game so it’s only fair.

  • You’d be right about the “360 fanboys”…if you’ve seen even a small amount of gaming websites recently, then you’ve seen the proof.

    Some 40% more online players are doing it on the 360.

    …..oh! [/troll] haha!

  • First off i just wanna say i feel disrespected by some of the comments that are posted. Just because he’s black doesnt mean hes a gangsta, just because he wears his hat to the back doesnt mean hes a gangsta, just because hes swaying frm side to side doesnt mean he a gangsta. I dnt like racism and its uncalled for.

    Now that thats out of the way, looking at the video just proved how DESPERATE EA is. This guy is really made me laugh and the comment that made this whole video so funny was when he was saying that BF3 is on track to sellimg 8 million copies and is gonna cut in on CoD sales. He does know that CoD sales about 20million copies, so even if BF3 sales 8 mill they are still behind about 12-13 MILLION units. Thats alot. How bout this IF BF3 outsells MW3 then u can call it king of FPS but until then give credit when credits due.


    It all will come down to the gameplay. COD will have it fans and so is BF. The thing with COD is that even if you are not interested of what the game offer, you still end up buying it because all your friends did, but Not this time friends, this time I am buying BF3 and I will take the lone path to tanks heaven and Ravaging bullets galore.

  • Oly



    Priceless lol Was that taken at a WWE event?

  • I hope Gamestop pushes The Darkness 2. But yea I’m sure serioulsy though they’ll get 100000 pre-orders no matter what they talk about both games.

  • No, that was at E3. I meet him as well, lol. He is just as energetic in person.

  • What’s with the racist jokes and diatribe? Feeling a little insecure in our masculinity, are we?

  • Pedro

    Who’s that guy with Oly on the pic? Is he suffering of some kind of food poisoning or something?

  • Oly


    Who’s that guy with Oly on the pic? Is he suffering of some kind of food poisoning or something?  


    LOL thats my buddy hip hop!! lmao taken at E3

  • My friends are picking up Battlefield so that’s what I will be getting I think. We will see how it all shakes down. If EA is smart they will offer an equivalent of COD elite(or what ever they call it) for free to snag some COD fans.


    The_Nmac: My friends are picking up Battlefield so that’s what I will be getting I think. We will see how it all shakes down. If EA is smart they will offer an equivalent of COD elite(or what ever they call it) for free to snag some COD fans.  

    They already did. Its called the Battlelog. The Battlelog we let you manage your friends lists, squad up, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends’ progress in real-time, and more and it will cost $0

  • Cool. Sounds like EA adapted autolog from NFS. Good move on their part. If that’s correct there may even be an iPod app to connect to it.

  • I’m not purchasing either, but I hope that Battlefield outsells CoD so bad. I hate CoD. I hate Activision.

    Considering that MW3 will be the same thing again, Infinity Ward has lost everyone except the guy in the mailroom, Sledgehammer Games is unproven, Activision sucks and Raven Software hasn’t made a good game in awhile. MW3 will suck. Battlefield 3 doesn’t have all that going against it.

    Have I mentioned that I hate Activision? Because I hate Activision. Hate them. The IW guys were smart to leave Activision. Because I hate them.[/hipster]

  • I don’t know why people are saying BF3 > MW3. We have seen so little from either game, it’s too soon to call. What you’re expressing is your WISH that BF3 > MW3. Personally, I think that both will end up being good games, and that each will cater to gamers looking for different experiences.

    As to those who hate CoD. Really? You HATE a video game? I think there are better things you can spend your emotional capital on.

  • Pedro

    LOL thats my buddy hip hop!! lmao taken at E3  

    Don’t tell him I said that, he’d easily use me as a punching bag ;p hahaha

  • @Blackstaffer – Stop pretending that you’re above emotion in gaming. There’s not one thing wrong with “hating” one game or the other.

    Nothing more then strong emotion….let’s not pretend that “emotional capitol” is on short supply.