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PSN Cards 25% off until July 2nd |

Gohastings is running 25% off on PSN cards good until July 2nd. These deals are usually found at Toys”R”Us & Walmart for short periods by word of mouth. Now is the perfect time to go and stock up on a few cards. You can find a Gohastings locations here.

Source: GoozerNation

  • Pedro

    Anybody interested in getting a couple for me?

    I do need to restock my wallet.

  • I would Pedro, but closest one to me is a 1 hour drive.

  • ZFM12

    Was gonna ask the same thing

  • Remember when cricuit city was going out of business? I scored 4 $50 cards for $80. Was best deal ever. They had everything set to go This is a good deal.

    Pedro you can always ask in the forum if anybody lives near one

  • @Jason: wow thats crazy @[email protected]

    there’s not even a single GoHasting store within 50 miles radius from where I live 8-}

  • @Jason: That’s one hell of a deal. I would have gone all out and gotten EIGHT $50 cards at that price hahaha.

  • Pedro

    Jason I’m asking here, since this post is already up ;p

    But since I’ve never heard of that store I don’t think it’s a big one, is it?

  • Not bad not bad! I’d love to use these to pick some DLC> Is there any GoHastings stores in the NJ area?

  • use the included link , type zipcode, magic happens

  • We don’t see many deals like that in Canada. Lame.