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Jane’s Hotel Review (minis) + Giveaway! |

Hello and welcome to Jane’s Hotel! We hope that you find everything you need to make this a very pleasant stay… what? Oh, you want to know the features we have available right now? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Help Jane make her dream come true: build a beautiful 5 star hotel and win «The best hotel of the town» contest! You start as a small 2 star hotel owner at the town suburbs and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by serving them fine drinks and dainty meals, or simply offering perfect room service. We will make your stay unforgettable!

• Exciting time management gameplay
• 40 awesome levels
• 9 upgrades available for your hotel
• Reach the 5 star status!


As you can tell, from what Beatshapers has told us AND what is up there in plain sight on the trailer for the game, Jane has a dream… and that dream involves cotton sheets, keys, coffee and the occasional physical newspaper (how 2000!) just for kicks. You’ll start your voyage by managing a small hotel that doesn’t have that many rooms, nor lots of ammenities for your guests, and slowly work your way up the food chain until you can reach the ultimate “5 golden stars status” and win the coveted “best hotel in town” award handed to… well, the best hotel in town. Guess they had to cut some corners at City Hall and the guy that usually came up with the clever names for the obvious awards had to be let go.

Your hotel’s popularity increases as you make your guests happy by catering to their every whim (customer is always right!) as quickly as possible. More popularity = more money. In order to be able to clear a level you have to reach a specific $$$ goal (you can go over it as the level doesn’t stop when you reach it). Happy customers leave GREAT tips on top of the front desk! Pick them up on one of your key-runs or it will be as if you never got them sparkly coins.

Jane is also in charge of making sure there are free rooms for your new guests. Give them a key to an available room with a huge smile on your face and hope for the best! Immediately clean rooms once guests leave or when your current guests ask you to. Doing the former allows the room to be available for the next customer and doing the later is part of the daily “customer wants X” regime. If an empty room isn’t clean new guests can’t take it and you could loose a client. When a guest wants something a timer starts to count down and you better act quickly since if they don’t get what they want you’ll loose popularity AND money for making them angry! You’re guests expect to be waited on for pretty much anything as they sometimes want to watch TV but are too lazy to hit a button before sitting down… so you must turn it on for them!

Eventually you get a chambermaid (a couple of levels into the game) to help you out with some extra requirements presented to you by your guests thus adding even more requests and more things to take care of. These extra activities/amenities are obtained by using the money you’ve earned to buy new objects to improve your hotel and make it more attractive and fun for everyone. But with great power comes great responsability. Bought a set of plants? Ok, now you have to water them every time they so much as require a drop of water or you risk making your hotel unpleasant for your clients. Just got a table for your hotel? Well, that’s for serving food and boy do the guests get hungry!

Game is very dynamic once you get the hang of it as you can link activities one after the other, especially if more than one guests requests the same amenity. The Chambermaid can be cleaning a room, for example, while Jane hands a new guest his/her room keys or is giving them a cup of coffee to two guests at a time and also highlighting the newspaper to deliver it to another person, then click on a room that needs fresh bedsheets right after after clicking a plant that needs watering and THEN clicking on the kitchen to bring some food to the guest sitting at the table. Multitasking (and chaining) at it’s finest! This makes for some very fast paced (and potentially hectic) gameplay possibilities.

Wait, is that a clock on the upper right corner? Why yes, yes it is! The clock moves on and on until it is time for the hotel to close for the day and no more new guests can check in after the clock says your fine establishment is “closed”. When the clock gets to that point, you must focus on pleasing your current guests on a mad dash to achieve your $$$ goal in case you haven’t already reached it. The $$$ threshold isn’t a problem until after you’ve upgraded twice as that’s when you’ll have a constant flow of guests standing at the door to get their turn.

As a quick FYI, the text for the game can be a bit difficult to read sometimes on the PSP screen due to the size and font used. Playing on the PS3 quickly takes care of that in a snap so you should consider that. Eventually, one DOES get used to the font on the PSP and don’t have a problem with it by the time your second hotel is unlocked.

The hotel where you take care of the last couple of levels in the game? So fancy. How fancy? You can spend your money to buy a piano (a classy one!) so your guests can enjoy a slow paced serenade while sitting in the hotel’s lounge. Also, they can request that the chambermaid bring them a set of golf clubs for a couple of virtual hours (which pass in a matter of seconds in game) hitting them balls to get them into the tiny holes.

Jane’s Hotel is a fun game that favor pick and play sesions in short burst but ends up being very addictive and you might find yourself playing for an hour at a time trying to “just get to the next level”. For the price of a large cup of gourmet coffee and a two sugar coted, jelly filled donuts… mmm, donuts. Where was I? Oh, right. For only the ammont equivalent to what I just described you’ll have a great game to enjoy at home or take with you on the go to keep you busy for a while.


Easy to understand. Hard to stop playing.
Fast and to the point
Very good price
Would have liked to get a chance to go at it on another hotel to extend the game a bit more

Published by Beatshapers

Cost – $3.99

Available on PSN (for PSP or PS3)

Want to get this game? Then you can:

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– Game was completed before writing this review.
– Total amount of time played: 6 hours.
– This review is based on a retail copy of the PSP version of Jane’s Hotel provided by Beatshapers.


We also have a US PSN Code to giveaway to a lucky member from Just a FYI you can play the game on a PS3 or PSP. It will be simple to enter this giveaway. You have until midnight on July 12th to enter. Winner will be picked at random on July 13th. Details below:

  • Worth 1 Entry: Just leave a comment below on how you would run a hotel if someone, with poor judgment skills, left you in charge.
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Good luck!

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  • @amethystvenom: You can also get another entry by telling us how you would run a hotel if someone, with poor judgment skills, left you in charge.

  • @amethystvenom Just a FYI you need to “tweet” that on twitter not here on 😉

  • Good job. I dont think I have ever scene Exciting and time managemeant in the same sentence lol Ill give this a go on my psp

  • Looks interesting…wouldn’t mind winning it for my Birthday! Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge…

  • ZFM12
  • @LociceroA: Well, you’ve got 3 ways to win it. See the giveaway tab for instructions!

  • LociceroA: Looks interesting…wouldn’t mind winning it for my Birthday! Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge…  

    LOL, ive been here a while and got nothing for my birthday, keep dreaming haha
    at least he tried!

  • Pedro

    Jason: Good job. I dont think I have ever scene Exciting and time managemeant in the same sentence lol Ill give this a go on my psp  

    best comment hahahaha

    This kind of game is always fun, sound like those old flash games where you had to do the same, but longer and better.

    i’ll create a challenge here : can Eden give a higher then 85% score to any mini? Devs, here’s your chance!

  • @Pedro: Hahaha, you never know! I’ll be reviewing 5 minis in the next 3 weeks and one of them COULD take the “over 85%” trophy!

    Ok, time to be veeery clear. You’ve all been commenting in here…but NO ONE has followed the guideline set for the regular comment (not the “here’s my re-twitt” comments) to count for the giveaway. Guess no one wants a free $4 game that bad hehehe.

  • Pedro

    if I were to run a hotel of that sort I’d probably create some really nice “room service”, with nice “french maids” and make it some kind of guy spa. hahahah

    how does that sound? ;p

    also left a comment on facebook for you, happy now Eden ? 😀

  • Ok, giveaway is over and a winner was chosen from all entries, totally at random and in an impartial way… and the winner is:

    ZFM12! Check your inbox as I’ve sent you a PM with your download code.

    Thanks to all of you for entering the giveaway and keep checking since we have lots of free games up for grabs along with our reviews in the next couple of weeks!

  • Pedro

    Eden, next time just choose me ¬¬

    congrats ZFM

  • ZFM12

    Thaxs Pedro