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Uncharted 3 MP Beta: New Week 2 Content |

There have been some complaints here and there about how the UC 3 Multiplayer Beta doesn’t have enough things to do as there’s just not that many maps or types of matches you can participate in. That is all about to change today as the new content for the second week of the Beta has been made available for everyone to take out for a spin!

What can you expect when you login to PSN and take Drake for a new, all exciting bumpy ride? Click on!

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta: Week 2

July 4 to July 9


Team Deathmatch
Free For All
Team Objective
Co-op Hunter

Airstrip, Chateau

Here’s we also have a video of one of the new modes so you can get a better idea of how things will work for the next week during your free gaming opportunity:

For more information about the new modes and a list of things that change once you download the new version of the Beta, go on to the US Playstation Blog.

Remember that there will be bonuses awarded to those that meet certain requirements already established back when the Beta started so the more you play, the more you’ll get!


    I’ve already played the CO-OP hunter mode today! What we need is new maps. The gameplay haven’t really changed much.

  • Pedro

    I didn’t know all the other game types were unavailable, I haven’t really tried them, only team deathmatch.

  • Ajescent

    team co-op is quite interesting.

  • Yea know, I’m worried how are you going to get those in-game rewards for 5/10 matches of each type if they took down Plunder last week? Any word on that? Or is like 2% that got some matches in the only ones with the rewards.

  • Haven’t had time to play the Beta since I’m a bit busy with all the reviews. So far it would seem that it’s fun but a tad basic due to it being the Beta and because not all characters/abilities are available.

  • So far the Beta is great. Enjoying it emmensely. Captain Cheeto it’s a beta 2 maps to get their networking and gameplay down is great. Team objective needs work since the scoring is all over the map. There are a few minor collision problems and some climbing and rolling tweaks. The animations for mele aren’t always fantasticly smooth. But overall the beta is great. The addition of Power plays is fantastic. Love the perk system. The auto machine gun is a bit overpowered.

    This is a great taste of the multiplayer and UC3. I’ll be buying it first day. And if you see me in the beta my name is the same mcloki and then you’ll respawn.